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Sample Wholesale Contracts

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Mario J Perez

SFR Investor from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Feb 14 '11, 12:41 AM

Can anyone tell me where I can get a sample of a wholesale contract? I did a search here on BP but didn't find any. Thanks,

Michael G.

Investor from Bay Shore, New York

Feb 14 '11, 02:42 AM
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I sent you one and also an assignment of contract form. I was taught that any contract is assignable unless there is language specifically stated in the contract that it is not. For instance the Board of Realtors contract in my neck of the woods has language that prohibits assigns. For it to be valid we would have to strike it from the contract and initial...not that you asked about any of that. LOL

Mario J Perez

SFR Investor from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Feb 14 '11, 04:01 AM

Thanks Michael. Appreciate it.

Kris Alpough

Feb 17 '11, 03:20 AM

Hi Mario and Michael. I as well was looking for a wholesale contract. Is there a chance either of you could shoot me those contracts? I Really appreciate it!

Kris Alpough

Feb 17 '11, 07:26 AM

Thanks for the link Steve. I should have been more specific in my request. What I'm really in need of is a good purchase contract with assignable "legalease" and some escape clauses. After looking at the wordy NC realtor board's contract, I'm afraid to use that for my distressed sellers...

Jason Sinley

from Fort Collins, Colorado

Mar 19, 02:16 PM


I came across this post looking for sample contracts.  Could you also send those to me or send me a link where I can download them?  Thanks!

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