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Discuss property insurance issues and policies, including Homeowners Insurance and Commercial & Business Insurance, claims, & insurance fraud. Policy discussions include Liability, Fire, Theft, Personal Property, etc. coverage.

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Homeowners Ins.
Started by Matt Williams
4 Tiny_1398786955-avatar-timwieneke Tim W.
2 days ago
Looking for Landlord insurance in Connecticut
Started by Pat Lione
5 No_avatar_tiny Jason Bott
3 days ago
Nationwide insurance needed, CA, GA, NC.
Started by Ben Bakhshi
1 Tiny_1409007923-avatar-mehrank Mehran Kamari
4 days ago
insurance for investment properties
Started by Walker Seid
5 Tiny_1399761974-avatar-texasranger Walker Seid
6 days ago
Insurance in florida
Started by Bobby Beard
15 Tiny_1398786955-avatar-timwieneke Tim W.
7 days ago
Wholesalers - do you have liability insurance?
Started by Will Porter
1 Tiny_1409782941-avatar-willporter Will Porter
9 days ago
Actual Value or Replacement Cost?
Started by Joe Delia
45 Tiny_1398786955-avatar-timwieneke Tim W.
9 days ago
Flood insurance on a rental property, how to find info and gotcha's.
Started by Samuel DeMass
8 Tiny_1398786955-avatar-timwieneke Tim W.
9 days ago
Coverage for My First Rental
Started by Ryan Galasso
4 Tiny_1399728290-avatar-ryanmgalasso Ryan Galasso
14 days ago
6 Flat Insurance
Started by Mark Malevskis
1 No_avatar_tiny Jim B.
17 days ago
Flipping Insurance
Started by John Gregg
11 Tiny_1405357617-avatar-hemanthgr HEMANTH GRANDHIGE
18 days ago
I need HELP, After vacation, Found Big FLOOD!
Started by Joe Kim
2 Tiny_1399587364-avatar-mattdevincenzo Matt Devincenzo
20 days ago
I need HELP, After vacation, Found Big FLOOD!
Started by Joe Kim
1 Tiny_1399446944-avatar-johnblackman John Blackman
20 days ago
Insurance Question
Started by Clint Weir
3 No_avatar_tiny Jim B.
21 days ago
Have you had any experience with National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG)/Affinity Group Management?
Started by Jason Hartman
19 Tiny_1407637540-avatar-drosen Dick Rosen
22 days ago
For those of you with Insurance Questions...
Started by Jim B.
0 No_avatar_tiny Jim B.
22 days ago
Multiple Units/Commercial Insurance...
Started by Jake Kozul
1 No_avatar_tiny Jim B.
22 days ago
Personal umbrella policy needed when homes are owned by LLC?
Started by Nicholas Jacoby
3 Tiny_1399725301-avatar-james345 James Syed
26 days ago
Business entities and insurance
Started by Kyle Soderman
3 Tiny_1411102009-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
26 days ago
Source for reasonable earthquake insurance? Plus a cautionary tale...
Started by Scott Price
15 Tiny_1399508187-avatar-scottp Scott Price
26 days ago

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