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92% of ALL Real Estate Investors only own 1 or 2 properties...
Started by David Krulac
37 Tiny_1399439289-avatar-jeff1 Jeff S.
about 14 hours ago
Housing is waking up to a new Hangover....
Started by David Krulac
3 No_avatar_tiny Michael Ran
2 days ago
End of quantitative easing - How will this affect RE?
Started by Wilson Lin
7 No_avatar_tiny Albert Hasson
2 days ago
San Francisco real estate is cheap
Started by Jon Klaus
21 Tiny_1414520218-avatar-mjett Marianne Jett
2 days ago
How will falling oil prices affect energy-heavy markets?
Started by Fred Heller
4 Tiny_1399720007-avatar-azimuth Paul Choate
3 days ago
Anyone else have their zillow "Zestimate" jump up dramatically?
Started by Peter Grosso
6 Tiny_1414613008-avatar-pghdwayne Dwayne S.
3 days ago
A National Phasing Plan for High-Speed Rail
Started by Jon Strishak
0 Tiny_1412204573-avatar-alegriacm Jon Strishak
5 days ago
Detroit again!
Started by David T.
2 Tiny_1407729985-avatar-we_buy_notes Christopher Winkler
5 days ago
Top 10 Rental Markets in the US - Do you Invest in these markets and why (or why not)?
Started by Wendell De Guzman
12 Tiny_1399664178-avatar-imade12million David Krulac
6 days ago
Best and Worst Markets for Buying Rentals in Q3 2014: Heat Map
Started by Danny Simard
3 Tiny_1406207969-avatar-lleone Louis Leone
9 days ago
Dilapidated Victorian Mansion Bought 2 Years Ago Progresses (
Started by Mary lou Long
0 Tiny_1411257308-avatar-marylou2 Mary lou Long
11 days ago
Oakland tenants say bully landlords taking advantage of market
Started by Mary lou Long
0 Tiny_1411257308-avatar-marylou2 Mary lou Long
11 days ago
Rackspace Plans 500 New Jobs in Austin
Started by Jon Strishak
0 Tiny_1412204573-avatar-alegriacm Jon Strishak
11 days ago
Dallas bullet train moving ahead...
Started by Jon Strishak
3 Tiny_1412204573-avatar-alegriacm Jon Strishak
11 days ago
Does anybody see rents increasing due to minimum wage increases?
Started by Mike Bargetto
0 Tiny_1405639484-avatar-bargetto Mike Bargetto
12 days ago
Bloomberg - Why Are Chinese Millionaires Buying Mansions in an L.A. (Los Angeles) Suburb?
Started by Francis A.
13 Tiny_1399699388-avatar-ecolegrove Elizabeth C.
12 days ago
Global airline passengers expected to more than double in next 20 years
Started by Bayard P.
1 Tiny_1401980976-avatar-33zenlane Micki McNie
13 days ago
China Slowdown - Worldwide Economic Problem? Or no big deal?
Started by J Martin
2 Tiny_1402156870-avatar-sf_investor Amit M.
14 days ago
Ebola Effect
Started by Jerry Poon
14 Tiny_1399699196-avatar-benrei1 Mary B.
15 days ago
Stock Market Decline and Future Real Estate
Started by Ezra Nugroho
2 Tiny_1399584850-avatar-harveymasons Chris Masons
16 days ago

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