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This forum is for the discussion of the housing market, real estate news, and anything else related.

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Looking to invest in ct for my first time
Started by Leo Don
0 Tiny 1440866736 avatar leod3 Last post by Leo Don
about 16 hours ago
interesting fortcast from merrill lynch
Started by Dannielle Hoffman
0 Tiny 1416175809 avatar opg llc Last post by Dannielle Hoffman
2 days ago
Could real estate be safer than a savings account!
Started by Lesley Resnick
0 Tiny 1436450520 avatar lesleyr Last post by Lesley Resnick
2 days ago
Northern Atlanta Market Update
Started by James Park
123 Tiny 1399389364 avatar panda Last post by James Park
3 days ago
RE Scam & poss. RE Broker-Wholesaler Scam
Started by Andrea W.
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Andrea W.
3 days ago
Renting in America Has Never Been This Expensive ( Los Angeles )
Started by Francis A.
10 No avatar tiny Last post by Francis A.
10 days ago
Amazon agrees to build distribution center in San Marcos TX
Started by Roberto Andrade
1 Tiny 1426568297 avatar c2acqi Last post by Chad Clanton
10 days ago
How to deal with Landlord Paranoia
Started by Morgan Nilsen
16 Tiny 1430802053 avatar rtpg1 Last post by Rick Harmon
10 days ago
Inglewood housing Market.
Started by Anthony Johnson
5 Tiny 1434968866 avatar tycoonstat Last post by Clarence Johnson
11 days ago
How Do You Predict The Next Real Estate Crash? Mine is...
Started by Wendell De Guzman
30 Tiny 1438049803 avatar seans13 Last post by Sean Shirvan
12 days ago
Started by Raj Pat
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Raj Pat
12 days ago
Changes in Home Ownership for a Changing Market
Started by Ben Staples
0 Tiny 1399748608 avatar bdsbabson Last post by Ben Staples
12 days ago
Science of Finding Deals - Part 6: How to Profit from Any Real Estate Market
Started by Wendell De Guzman
0 Tiny 1399696952 avatar mister4closure Last post by Wendell De Guzman
13 days ago
What Are the Top 10 ZIP Codes in America?
Started by Francis A.
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Francis A.
15 days ago
Door County vacation rental condos -- why so cheap?
Started by TD Smith
14 Tiny 1427317429 avatar gzproperties Last post by Garrett Ziehlsdorf
21 days ago
2016 Stock Market Crash?
Started by Peggy Liu
31 No avatar tiny Last post by Fred Conway
24 days ago
LA's high rents, evictions spurring interest in citywide tenants union
Started by Francis A.
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Francis A.
24 days ago
What do you think about this article about the current housing bubble?
Started by Chris L.
13 Tiny 1439545034 avatar gregflynn Last post by Greg F.
25 days ago
Is it a good time to start investing in the US?
Started by Johnsy DSouza
5 Tiny 1399407427 avatar dbusiness Last post by Jeff B.
25 days ago
How to get a 13% cash on cash return in Stockton
Started by Matt Shamus
26 Tiny 1434226821 avatar maimai18 Last post by Mai Vo
25 days ago

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