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Houston Real Estate Market will have more inventory in 2015.
Started by Sonny Ngo
5 Tiny_1415288080-avatar-sonny_ngo Last post by Sonny Ngo
7 minutes ago
Forbes 2015 Housing Outlook -- 11 things we'll see
Started by Sean S.
1 Tiny_1416958500-avatar-rada Last post by Rada Vassil
about 3 hours ago
Does shaky oil market affect boom towns (ie Bakken shale)
Started by Phil Ferranto
5 Tiny_1399759194-avatar-jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 4 hours ago
Detroit on the upswing...
Started by Chadi D.
3 Tiny_1418430912-avatar-scottk123 Last post by Scott K.
about 20 hours ago
Shout out to Nor Co - Weld County/Greeley Colorado
Started by Bill S.
4 Tiny_1399727335-avatar-bills_r Last post by Bill S.
1 day ago
People on the move...middle class moving from expensive cities to cheaper cities
Started by Jon Strishak
25 Tiny_1417970984-avatar-robertw1 Last post by Robert Warren
1 day ago
Will Youthful Exuberance Today Mean More Sales Tomorrow?
Started by David Krulac
1 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Nate Perry
1 day ago
92% of ALL Real Estate Investors only own 1 or 2 properties...
Started by David Krulac
41 Tiny_1399664178-avatar-imade12million Last post by David Krulac
2 days ago
Started by Keith Luk
2 Tiny_1399495613-avatar-shinobi15 Last post by Keith Luk
2 days ago
Real Estate Investment Fraud Scheme!
Started by Eduardo Lopez III
1 Tiny_1418443056-avatar-fortwayneinvest Last post by Jeremy Tillotson
3 days ago
Austin Market
Started by Dante Devine
10 No_avatar_tiny Last post by George Rodd
3 days ago
Las Vegas Real Estate Market Discussion
Started by Robert Adams
43 Tiny_1418756932-avatar-robert_adams Last post by Robert Adams
3 days ago
San Antonio - East Side News
Started by Juan Velazquez
2 Tiny_1399726730-avatar-joefairless Last post by Joe Fairless
4 days ago
14 states where prices will increase the most....
Started by David Krulac
25 Tiny_1399664178-avatar-imade12million Last post by David Krulac
5 days ago
Fracking boom and related RE boom ending?
Started by Cal C.
8 Tiny_1399763842-avatar-cal_c Last post by Cal C.
5 days ago
Property Flipping waivers for FHA financing will no longer be eligible after 11:59pm on December 31st, 2014
Started by Ryan Grothe
2 Tiny_1417379903-avatar-ryang Last post by Ryan Grothe
6 days ago
FHA "Property Flipping Waiver" Expiring
Started by Craig Fithian
3 Tiny_1399398408-avatar-mortgagemike100 Last post by Mike Hurney
7 days ago
Why so many foreclosures in Gaithersburg/Germantown/Rockville?
Started by Aaron A.
9 Tiny_1412557279-avatar-jasonscott Last post by J Scott
7 days ago
Apartment Market 2015: Top 10 by Inventory Growth & Volume
Started by Rada Vassil
4 Tiny_1416958500-avatar-rada Last post by Rada Vassil
7 days ago
Source of Income Ordinance Passes at Austin City Council
Started by Roberto Andrade
6 Tiny_1399719475-avatar-arobidy Last post by Andy Robison
7 days ago

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