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Small 1399429465 avatar dschach

David Schach

San Francisco, California

This user has posted 64 times and started 15 topics.

Discussion Replies Last Post
If you were just starting out and had $150,000 to invest in real estate where would you begin?
Started by Gina Dovel
234 Tiny 1399704329 avatar recaps Last post by Joe Villeneuve
2 days ago
Are there any wholesalers in Las Vegas?
Started by Isaac Pokojni
6 Tiny 1399685226 avatar alexanderscott Last post by Alexander Felice
12 days ago
Million dollar rehabs or lower end flips?
Started by Panayot Tomov
23 Tiny 1439545034 avatar gregflynn Last post by Greg F.
about 1 month ago
"Worth" It? (CA Duplex)
Started by Gary F.
18 Tiny 1429892456 avatar willrod Last post by Will R.
about 2 months ago
Multi units Wanted seller financing 0 down
Started by Joseph King
24 Tiny 1400623639 avatar jaisookhakitch Last post by Jai Sookhakitch
about 2 months ago
Water crisis in CA to affect REI?
Started by Arcinio Arauz
11 Tiny 1399662882 avatar plaussie1 Last post by Pat L.
2 months ago
Has anyone purchased a mobile home park using creative financing?
Started by Orlando Paz
19 Tiny 1403386319 avatar pt6776 Last post by Pete T.
2 months ago
Refi or HELOC if HOA is over rental requirement
Started by Krista Roark
3 Tiny 1431189633 avatar dadof5rigs Last post by Aaron Rigterink
2 months ago
12 responses to Craigslist ad in less than 24 hours - raise rent?
Started by Jesse Gebauer
36 Tiny 1421358802 avatar jesset1 Last post by Jesse T.
2 months ago
Las Vegas Wholesalers
Started by David Schach
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Jean G.
3 months ago
Bloomberg 'Young People' Housing Affordability Index
Started by Trevor Ewen
16 Tiny 1399429465 avatar dschach Last post by David Schach
3 months ago
Why no mention of appraisers?
Started by David Schach
10 No avatar tiny Last post by Account Closed
3 months ago
What would be your maximum purchase price.
Started by David Schach
10 Tiny 1399429465 avatar dschach Last post by David Schach
3 months ago
How Close to the Top? - SF Bay Area Housing Affordability Analysis - (w/ Charts & Graphs!) by me
Started by J. M.
47 Tiny 1428892330 avatar michaeld40 Last post by Michael Delpier
3 months ago
Live in your first flip, yea or nay?
Started by Melissa Ewbank
18 Tiny 1431406097 avatar mewbank Last post by Melissa Ewbank
3 months ago

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