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Drugs found in duplex. What to do?
Started by Joseph West
89 Tiny_1424712034-avatar-andrewhfc Last post by Andrew Jordan
about 7 hours ago
Live in your first flip, yea or nay?
Started by Melissa Ewbank
10 Tiny_1423957596-avatar-peterk Last post by Peter K.
about 9 hours ago
What AirBnB looks like in San Francisco
Started by David Schach
6 Tiny_1399679934-avatar-anishtolia Last post by Anish Tolia
7 days ago
Las Vegas market inquiry
Started by Everett Marshall
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Hugh C.
8 days ago
If you had these resources...what would you do??
Started by Joel G.
89 Tiny_1399520974-avatar-jthomasmartin1 Last post by J. Martin
12 days ago
Recommended Data Analysis for Investing in the Bay Area
Started by Jonny Cerri
16 Tiny_1428541357-avatar-mel_selvidge Last post by Mel Selvidge
15 days ago
If you were just starting out and had $150,000 to invest in real estate where would you begin?
Started by Gina Dovel
229 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Ray Slack
16 days ago
How Close to the Top? - SF Bay Area Housing Affordability Analysis - (w/ Charts & Graphs!) by me
Started by J. Martin
34 Tiny_1415818189-avatar-fostoch Last post by Eric Zou
17 days ago
Should I get my RE License?
Started by Nick Stango
16 Tiny_1429239678-avatar-donaldc3 Last post by Donald Campbell
18 days ago
Demographic information for out of town buy and hold?
Started by Chris D.
5 Tiny_1399566214-avatar-phildwyer Last post by Phillip Dwyer
24 days ago
Another Bay Area appreciation data point!
Started by Arlen Chou
17 Tiny_1409125435-avatar-akkozo Last post by Arlen Chou
about 1 month ago
Trying to Invest in Las Vegas.. Roadblocked my Future Father in Law
Started by Brandyn Duff
10 Tiny_1428499837-avatar-johns104 Last post by John Salerno
about 1 month ago
Looking to buy an apartment in Vegas to rent out to vacation stayers on VRBO/Airbnb. Tips, advice?
Started by Kris Scott
7 Tiny_1427100649-avatar-stevenp6 Last post by Steven Picker
about 1 month ago
Why no mention of appraisers?
Started by David Schach
7 Tiny_1426911195-avatar-rhondalette Last post by Rhondalette W.
about 1 month ago
Michigan Investors take a look
Started by David Schach
1 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Scott K.
about 1 month ago

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