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Venice Beach, California

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Survey for out-of-state turnkey investors
Started by Jon Saputo
22 Tiny 1432563444 avatar cashflowdiaries Last post by Alexander A.
about 2 hours ago
Investing in another city/state
Started by Dyanne C.
13 Tiny 1416585834 avatar longodds Last post by Robert G.
about 8 hours ago
Anyone out there have experience with ABC Capital Investments in Philadelphia, PA for turnkey properties?
Started by Jay M.
58 Tiny 1413923272 avatar nodaybuttoday17 Last post by Emily Powell
about 16 hours ago
New Member - SoCal, Newport Beach
Started by Adam Schumacher
12 No avatar tiny Last post by Adam Schumacher
about 17 hours ago
MOI In a Hot Market (san diego or like markets). Possible? Would you try?
Started by Brandon Heath
10 Tiny 1430254434 avatar hipsterali Last post by Ali Boone
about 23 hours ago
Rich dad, Poor Dad
Started by Colton Shaw
31 Tiny 1435108657 avatar zand3rth3gr3at Last post by Alexander Plott
1 day ago
New member from San Jose, CA
Started by Luis Rolando
17 Tiny 1423899005 avatar mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
1 day ago
San Diego or Phoenix?
Started by Bud Dwyer
19 Tiny 1417630911 avatar kctonyg Last post by Anthony G.
1 day ago
Is it OK to buy into a Negative Cash Flow Property?
Started by Kenneth M.
85 Tiny 1405467347 avatar mattrosas Last post by Matt R.
1 day ago
Looking for Turn-Key Companies
Started by Drew Castleberry
22 Tiny 1433320965 avatar theflippingking Last post by Scott Huggins
1 day ago
Hello from (currently) Los Angeles!
Started by Jackson Foo
11 Tiny 1434657929 avatar mrjackydees Last post by Jackson Foo
1 day ago
Hello New Here from San Francisco Bay Area
Started by Thomas Seay
12 Tiny 1413305147 avatar volstrike3 Last post by Joe B.
2 days ago
Newbie From LA Interested In San Antonio
Started by Nicholas Ramirez
8 Tiny 1430254434 avatar hipsterali Last post by Ali Boone
2 days ago
New Member In San Diego, California
Started by Wayne Kilgore
10 Tiny 1432457927 avatar bfanion Last post by Brandt Fanion
2 days ago
Investing in Turn-key properties
Started by Kumar RK
44 Tiny 1412485424 avatar yoseph1980 Last post by Joey Noel
3 days ago

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