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Chris Clothier

memphis, Tennessee

This user has posted 1203 times and started 52 topics.

Discussion Replies Last Post
Feedback on Turn Key RE Companies
Started by Joe Martella
46 Tiny 1399739134 avatar briebrian Last post by Brie Schmidt
3 minutes ago
new real-estate investor looking for my first passive investment
Started by Eli Arkush
8 Tiny 1440978232 avatar elia3 Last post by Eli Arkush
about 3 hours ago
Vertically-integrated Turnkey Providers
Started by Ryan C.
39 Tiny 1399743985 avatar jmednck Last post by Jonathan Mednick
3 days ago
The Truth about Wholesaling!
Started by Will Barnard
520 Tiny 1409259232 avatar jjkhawaiian Last post by John Hamilton
4 days ago
The Essential Guide on How To Build and Promote Your Buyer's List
Started by Steve Babiak
56 No avatar tiny Last post by Baron Hicklin
4 days ago
What is the best way to build a buyers list before you actually have a property?
Started by Matthew Green
35 Tiny 1421199947 avatar jerrys Last post by Jerry Stanford
7 days ago
Beware of the Real Estate Guru Trap: What to Look for & How to Protect Yourself
Started by Joshua Dorkin
70 Tiny 1421199947 avatar jerrys Last post by Jerry Stanford
7 days ago
Don't Buy $30,000 pigs in Ohio (or Mid-West)
Started by Ben Leybovich
142 Tiny 1438491184 avatar afginc Last post by Muhammad Abdullah
9 days ago
StrongBrook? Anyone heard of them...
Started by Chris Clothier
49 Tiny 1399762547 avatar brasring2003 Last post by Jenifer Smith
10 days ago
Congrats to Chris Clothier and Memphis Invest
Started by Hampton Parr
9 No avatar tiny Last post by William Wong
14 days ago
Is fortune builders mastery program legit?
Started by Keri A.
158 Tiny 1431751343 avatar saulgmac Last post by Angel Garcia
16 days ago
"Find Cash Buyers Now" System
Started by Mike Ducasse
95 Tiny 1440466968 avatar alisham3 Last post by Alisha Mingus
19 days ago
Setting Up LLC Under Different State
Started by Jason Kim
22 Tiny 1431980836 avatar txlawyer Last post by James Miller
20 days ago
Why is everyone against paying for a seminar?
Started by Matt Buckels
184 Tiny 1425354706 avatar djbenedict Last post by David Dachtera
20 days ago
CRIME: What crime rates do you look for (maximum crime occurrences per area) when selecting a turnkey property? Thanks for any help/insight!
Started by Sara Hodge
11 Tiny 1438752025 avatar sarah6 Last post by Sara Hodge
20 days ago

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