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Steve D.

Real Estate Investor
Virginia/North Carolina

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Phil Pustejovsky
Started by Charlotte Lucchesi
202 Tiny 1424449975 avatar zelscs Last post by Steve Smith
17 days ago
Does Anyone Rehab Historic Homes?
Started by Ibrahim Hughes
6 Tiny 1399502465 avatar stevenhamilton Last post by Steven Hamilton II
over 1 year ago
Foreign investors here on BP?
Started by Rich Weese
16 Tiny 1399581426 avatar tinotenda Last post by Tinotenda Arigurinu
almost 2 years ago
Is anyone buying short sales anymore?
Started by Danny Day
23 No avatar tiny Last post by Na N.
almost 3 years ago
Buying Old Rental Properties for Cash Flow
Started by Peter Lee
26 Tiny 1399580127 avatar nemmert Last post by Nathan Emmert
about 3 years ago
financing after the bank maximum
Started by Thomas Handy
14 Tiny 1398858044 avatar aly0705 Last post by Aly L
about 3 years ago
help on first deal
Started by JOE SNEAD
10 Tiny 1399436910 avatar blackbelt Last post by Joel Owens
over 3 years ago
Dear landlord pros... please evaluate my plan so far.
Started by Chuck B.
22 Tiny 1399425119 avatar firepro Last post by Ray S.
over 3 years ago
Interesting article in NY Times
Started by Steve D.
8 Tiny 1399389607 avatar jcc Last post by Jason S.
over 3 years ago
Getting loans with an LLC--is it still possible
Started by Bienes Raices
23 Tiny 1399459446 avatar d1beard Last post by David Beard
over 3 years ago
Why BP so negative on property management?
Started by Adam Craig
33 Tiny 1399445628 avatar bryanhancock Last post by Bryan Hancock
over 3 years ago
Another deal for you all to look at..
Started by Travis Elliott
11 Tiny 1398866443 avatar travise1 Last post by Travis Elliott
over 3 years ago
Profile Picture
Started by Curt Davis
39 Tiny 1434903723 avatar wakeproperties Last post by Chris Martin
almost 4 years ago
House listed on HUD site AND Craigslist?
Started by Steve D.
1 Tiny 1399292309 avatar bokman Last post by Scott Hubbard
almost 4 years ago
Build a deck?
Started by Steve D.
2 Tiny 1399526180 avatar jefflb Last post by Jeff B.
almost 4 years ago

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