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You Think Your Apartment is Small?


Remember living in your first apartment? For many of us it was a small, cramped box.

Here’s an apartment to beat all of the other little boxes out there. Welcome to London, home of possibly the smallest apartment in the world. This 62 square foot flat has all the necessities that $247 a week can buy: a platform bed, bath, wardrobe, and kitchenette (if you can call it that).

Source: SFGate, This Is London

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Joshua Dorkin (@jrdorkin, Google+) is the founder and CEO of BiggerPockets.


  1. I can get bigger space than that with that price! That is the smallest apartment I can ever imagine. No space to manoeuvre at all. Not an apartment to me, it’s a den!

    • Keith – Try finding a place in Manhattan. I’ve seen smaller spaces go for $800 each month. And there is a high demand for these properties. It’s just ridiculous.

      I heard Tokyo was even worse, but I don’t know for sure.

  2. I’m impressed. Our apartment is 10 times bigger, but we pay about half the price of that “walk-in-wardrobe”.

    I feel sorry for the person who rents that so called apartment.

  3. I live in canada where your personal space is somewhat more generous than it would be in say… london. even so, advertising a shoebox as a flat is just wrong, making people pay $246 bones a week for is plain greedy. the proprietor of this place should take a long hard look in the mirror and make sure there isn’t a new anus growing on his/her forehead!

  4. Remember people, location, location, location. I’m in NYC and in many neighborhoods you can’t find an apartment for less than $2000/month, though they are rarely smaller than 250 sq. ft. at that price. This place costs half as much but is a quarter the size, so it must be in damn fine location in London… (Is there a link to an article? I can’t seem to find it…)

  5. wtf, my mortgage is $320 every two weeks, and that’s in Canadian funds! My house isn’t a mansion, well it is compared to that. But still…

  6. I live in a small town in ohio, I have a two story house that is not a piece of shit and it only cost me 35k. My mortgage payments are only $200 a month! I know it is not in the best of locations, but for that crappy “apartment” for that price is gayyy!

  7. oh no thanks! :) i think there would be impossible for two people to pass each other in an apartment like this:) and i totaly aggree you can get better apartment for the same price.

  8. For that price, I could rent a an studio with at least 400 square feet in Washington DC. It is outrageous to pay 1000 dollars for 62 sq feet. However, I would love to find out in which place of London is this apartment located.

  9. I pay $400 a month for a bedroom in a nice house, with an awesome kitchen and living room. Utilities are included. For the last four years, I’ve paid around $400 a month for reasonably nice apartments, though I had roommates. Why is this “apartment” more than twice my rent?

    I love the houseplant though. (closetplant?) It looks like a giant spider.

  10. should have put this in the last one but oh well, my friend lives in an apartment that is about 30 sq.ft. mines about the size of this one though.

  11. Very small apartment. If I have that apartment, I think I will stay there only at bed time. I won’t be there for relaxing or watching TV cause I don’t like to be at less space room.

  12. That is small and he is paying about a thousand a month. I wonder how much an actual two bedroom would cost per month? A kidney?

  13. Hmmm now that sink /food prep / refrigerator / oven gives me a good idea for my bachelor suites. There are lots of people needing affordable housing all over the world. If affordable = small well so be it. I’d rather live there than on the streets! It looks small but clean!

  14. $247 a week is already expensive considering the size of the apartment. I’m sorry but my parents’ bedroom is bigger than this apartment. Anyway, the cost of living in London is really expensive…so, apartments like this are already affordable for some people.

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