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Finding Home Improvement Coupons at DealCatcher


I was shopping over at the Home Depot earlier and realized that I should have checked for coupons before heading out. Good thing there weren’t any that I missed out on. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you Lowes Coupons and Home Depot Coupons I found on DealCatcher.

Check the site frequently as they will post new deals as they arise.

About Author

Joshua Dorkin (@jrdorkin, Google+) is the founder and CEO of BiggerPockets.


  1. Usually when you move to a new home or register a new home address with the USPS they send out gift certificates for the big home improvement retailers. Usually $10-50.

  2. I never knew that this site existed…I wish I would have known this years ago as I practically live at Home Depot with all of the home improvement projects I take part in ..:)

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