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The Ten Best in This Week: July 31, 2010 Edition

by Dean Ouellette on July 31, 2010 · 2 comments


1 ) Why Not Price Our Home A Little High To Leave Room For Negotiation? Because the buyer doesn’t know how much you are willing to negotiate. Your house is going to sell for what the market value is, not more, not less. So price it right to begin with.

2 ) What could the real estate industry learn from a mobile phone company? In Apples, oranges and the real estate marketing fruit bowl, Marc Davison looks at the company HTC, which is on a roll in the mobile world, and asks what they would look like if they were a real estate company.

3 ) Good news for a large portion of America. The Rural Home Buyers Aided by Passage of Housing Funding Measure. After months of no funding the money is finally back.

4 ) Some economist are predicting tough times ahead during the next year for the housing market. In Don’t hold your breath for a bounce in home prices, economists predict another year of sharp declines is some of the markets already hit the hardest.

5 ) If prices are heading down Scary Stories Don’t Match The Numbers according to Kristin LaVanway. She sees no signs of more big drops in her market which contradict the predictions of economists.

6 ) So you are in real estate and are not an SEO guru, yet you want to do whatever you can to help yourself be found in a Google Search. Top Ten List of Search Engine Optimization for Realtors will help you focus on some key issues to help you out.

7 ) How hard do you pimp your blog when you talk to people? Forget Google – Realtor Uses Local Strategies to Win Blog Visibility shows how Ted Mackel goes out of his way to mention his blog to people in his community.

8 ) If you are thinking about a loan modification, and millions of people are, Watch Out For Predatory Loan Modification, as the problem is rampant.

9 ) Marketing a home for sale is important, but it is only part of the issue. The Effect of Great Marketing – And Good Pricing shows you it needs to be priced right too; and if you do both of those, the house will move.

10 ) Can We Talk? Remember when that meant picking up the phone and calling? Now talking has a complete new meaning. Just look at agent remarks in the MLS and it will show you how times are changing.

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Nick Bastian August 2, 2010 at 10:34 am

Another great list Dean! Thanks again for the weekly re-caps.


Taylor White, PHD August 9, 2010 at 5:12 pm

Numbers 1 and 6 hit the market.

There is nothing worse than pricing a home for too much money.

Once you price it too high – its next to impossible to lower it fast enough.

Its like trying to catch a ball rolling down the hill. Good luck.

Number 6 from above is good stuff as well. We all need to get more tricks, tips, and tactics for conquering this SEO thing!


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