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The Highest Cost Counties for Remodeling: The Coasts and Resort Areas Top the Charts

by Steve Cook on April 6, 2012 · 0 comments


The National Association of Home Builders has released a list of the highest and lowest markets for remodeling costs as well a heat map of the nation showing higher and lower cost counties. The estimates are based on a model developed by NAHB using the American Housing Survey (HUD/U.S. Census Bureau) with county-level inputs from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.  The inputs are based on data collected from 2006 to 2010, so the resulting estimates are for remodeling by home builders.

The input with the strongest influence on remodeling per home is the home’s value, so the highest remodeling per home estimates tend to occur in counties where home prices are high—in large metropolitan areas on the Northeast and West coasts, or in resort areas such as ski destinations around the Rocky Mountains.

Here’s a list of highest cost counties by cost per home:


  1. Nantucket County, Massachusetts – $8,520
  2. New York County, New York – $7,939
  3. Dukes County, Massachusetts – $6,613
  4. Kings County, New York – $5,666
  5. Westchester County, New York – $5,582


  1. Cook County, Illinois – $3,466
  2. DuPage County, Illinois – $3,451
  3. Lake County, Illinois – $3,415
  4. Hennepin County, Minnesota – $3,268
  5. Leelanau County, Michigan – $3,181


  1. Falls Church City, Virginia – $6,099
  2. Arlington County, Virginia – $5,801
  3. District of Columbia, District of Columbia – $5,705
  4. Monroe County, Florida – $5,600
  5. Alexandria City, Virginia – $5,451


  1. Marin County, California – $7,782
  2. San Francisco County, California – $7,582
  3. San Mateo County, California – $7,235
  4. Teton County, Wyoming – $6,754
  5. Pitkin County, Colorado – $6,626


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