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Archive of J Scott

J has written 29 articles for The BiggerPockets Blog.

Real Estate Investing Basics*

10 Simple Steps to Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

by J Scott June 4, 2014

Anyone who has read any reasonable number of my posts will know that I’m not a huge fan of real estate training programs (paid or unpaid) for brand new investors. That’s not to say that mentoring, coaching and training doesn’t have its place – I actually think paid and unpaid training is great when used […]

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General Real Estate

How Election Predictions Can Improve Your Real Estate Business

by J Scott November 8, 2012
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No, I’m not going to make my election prediction…at this point, I’m probably only about 80% chance of being right… But, I wanted to discuss something not at all related to real estate in hopes that it will get you (and me, as I’m writing it and afterwards) to think about the real estate implications. […]

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Real Estate Wholesaling*

Newbie Wholesalers: READ THIS!

by J Scott February 23, 2011
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I get a lot of emails and phone calls from newbie wholesalers who are looking to do their first deal (and very few that are actually experienced). Most of the time, they want to run a deal past me that is too thin or for some other reason just doesn’t fit my style of investing. […]

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Flipping Houses & Rehabbing*

Controlling (And Conquering) Your Appraisals

by J Scott January 19, 2011
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I’ve addressed this topic several times in the forums, and much of this post is taken from an old forum post I wrote, but this subject is important enough to rehabbers and other investors that I wanted to make sure it was captured here on the blog… One of the biggest areas where rehabbers and […]

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Real Estate

The Myth of “No Rehab” Rehabs

by J Scott January 12, 2011
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In the course of a typical week, I get to see and hear about a lot of properties for sale to rehabbers. Inevitably among them are properties advertised by sellers or wholesalers as “No rehab needed” or “Move-in ready condition!” Now, every time I read an email from a wholesaler that says a property needs […]

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Real Estate

How NOT To Negotiate an REO Property

by J Scott October 20, 2010

This week, I’m going to depart from my usual attempt to be informative and insightful, and instead use this space to share an interesting email exchange I had with a particular non-professional REO listing agent (and yes, I ended up taking a very non-professional tact as well). Actually, I think this post will be informative […]

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Landlording and Rental Property Investing*

The New Landlord Checklist

by J Scott October 6, 2010

After years of doing rehabs, I’ve just purchased my first long-term rental property and put it on the market a few days ago… In preparation, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time over the past couple weeks getting organized and preparing to be a landlord. I knew that when the day came, there would be […]

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Real Estate Investing Basics*

Analyzing a Real Life “Rent & Flip” Deal

by J Scott September 15, 2010

I picked up a new house last week…I call it “The Haggle House” due to the extensive negotiation it took to convince the bank to sell me this REO… In this post, I want to walk through the analysis I did to determine whether this property would be a good candidate as a mid-term rental […]

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Real Estate Investing Basics*

Introduction to Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

by J Scott September 2, 2010

Today’s Quiz: What is my return on the following investment: I bought my first investment property back in August 2008. I paid $63,500 for the house using my own cash. I spent the next two months rehabbing it with $34,000 of my own cash. It sat for about 5 months before I lease-optioned it for […]

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Real Estate

Is Your Realtor a GREAT Real Estate Agent?

by J Scott August 11, 2010

There’s a BiggerPockets forum thread going on this week that addresses the issue of realtors, and whether they are worth their fee when selling your investment property. While I’m not going to address that particular issue in this post (suffice it to say, I believe great agents are worth every penny and not-so-great agents will […]

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The Basics of “Real Estate Professional” Status for Tax Purposes

by J Scott August 4, 2010

One of the biggest challenges real estate investors face is keeping the profits that they earn from their investments. Just like any other business, the IRS is going to want to take as big a chunk of your profits as possible, and knowing how to use the system to your advantage will help you keep […]

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Real Estate Deal Analysis & Advice

Why Cap Rates Are So Valuable

by J Scott July 21, 2010

My last post discussed how to analyze the financials of an income-producing property. In that post, I discussed a bit about Cap Rate and how to calculate it. But, I didn’t spend a lot of time discussing why it’s such an important metric. In this post, I’ll try to do that… Let’s say you were […]

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Real Estate Investing Basics*

Introduction to Real Estate Investment Deal Analysis

by J Scott June 30, 2010
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Have you ever wondered what a Pro-Forma or a Cap Rate is? Are you trying to figure out what NOI means? Do you want to know how to calculate the various types of ROI, like Cash-on-Cash Return and Total Return? If yes, then read on… We get a lot of posts on the BiggerPockets forums […]

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Real Estate Investing Basics*

Apartment Investing and The (Other) Golden Ratio

by J Scott June 24, 2010

While most of my active real estate efforts go towards rehabbing/flipping houses, I’m a huge fan of investing in apartments. I’ve done some passive investing in the past (invested in other people’s projects) and am always on the looking for great apartment deals to add to my portfolio. Why do I love apartment investing so […]

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Real Estate

Better, Faster, Cheaper

by J Scott June 9, 2010

There’s a popular saying in the technology industry (an industry where I spent much of my career): “Better, Faster, Cheaper — Pick Two“… Basically, the idea was that you can build something at 1) higher quality, 2) in less time, or 3) for less money — but you can’t do all three of those simultaneously. […]

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