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google voiceAs a real estate investor, you are a marketer first.  Your success hinges on your ability to effectively market your business.  Regardless of your specialty, you may use some of the well-known, effective marketing methods.  These methods include, but are not limited to; bandit signs, newspaper classifieds, yellow pages, billboards, business cards, radio, television.  The effectiveness of these methods vary per market, per design, per marketing-message, etcetera.  You need to analyze and conclude what works best for you.

To be a smart marketer and a sound entrepreneur you must track every effort you make for analysis.  As they say in Martial Arts, “Don’t do something for nothing” meaning, if you’re going to throw a kick, kick to break a rib, if you’re going to throw a punch, punch to knock-out.  So if you’re going to spend money marketing, don’t just close your eyes and funnel the money into various methods and throw a Hail Mary pass.  Sure you may get some leads, but you will have no idea where they came from.  You won’t know what’s working best or what’s working the least.  You need to track your marketing efforts.  I’m going to focus on how you can track these efforts for a minimal cost with Google Voice.

Technology & Social Media

For professionals and business owners, time is scarce, yet it should be clear by now that blogging offers such a strong return that it should not be ignored. So what’s the solution? How is it possible for a busy professional to work blogging into an already crazy schedule? Here are a few tips:

Tip one: Just post once or twice a week

It’s been said that posting every day is great for search rankings. It’s true that more is better if you’re shooting for the best search rankings possible. However, search rankings are only one of many ways to benefit from blogging. And not posting every day does not detract from any of those other benefits. It also does not remove all search ranking benefits. Many, many successful bloggers only post once or twice a week. Post every day if you like and can maintain that type of schedule. However, don’t think about it in black and white. If you can only post once a week or so, there is still a lot of good you can do with a blog. Not being able to post something new every day is not a reason to not start a blog for your business.

Technology & Social Media

One of the biggest concerns in marketing these days is social media marketing, and one of the biggest concerns with social media marketing is coming up with the time to do it. Make no mistake about it, using tools (other than BP, of course) such as Twitter, Facebook, ActiveRain and a business blog can significantly grow your business, improve communication with your clients and customers and even open up new income streams for you. But it is not a magic bullet. Social media marketing for small business, as is the case with anything else worth doing, takes time and effort.

And if small business owners are short on anything, it’s time…

So I find it very understandable when people ask me about the possibility of having me or someone else “do social media” for them. They ask “This is obviously going to take some time, and I’m very busy. Can I just have you do this for me?” My response is, “Maybe. Let’s look into it.”

Technology & Social Media

networking meetingAre you hiding behind your computer or are you out there? Lately there have been a number of articles touting the benefits of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and, yes, BiggerPockets. While those sites can be a great benefit to your business, they are no substitute for being ‘out there.’

I’ve written articles before touting the benefits of networking (article) but thought that it was time to revisit the subject. The holiday season is fast approaching and that will give you many opportunities to network. However, many people view networking as a chore, but it doesn’t have to be.

Technology & Social Media

TwitterI’ve been on Twitter for a couple months now, and some fishy things have finally started to make sense:

Fishy thing #1: People would “un-follow” me and then “follow” me back a few days later.  Did they hate my tweets one day and love them the next?

Fishy thing #2: Really weird Tweets, some from really weird profiles – for example:

What Not to Do on Twitter

And some really weird tweets from legitimate sounding folks I thought I might like to network with – like the female real estate agent in New Hampshire who tweeted about – um, “male enlargement” pills.

Fishy thing #3: Well, not so fishy, really – since Ponzi devised his first scheme, people have been looking to game the system.  So “Get Thousands of Twitter Followers a Day – Just $55” services shouldn’t be a big surprise.

Does a Large Twitter Following Equate to Success?

What I’ve begun to realize is that many people mistakenly believe that having thousands of Twitter followers equals success.  Some fellow Twitterers and I had a discussion a few weeks back on this topic.  About game-the-system techniques like auto follow/unfollow and auto tweeting, one Twitterer asked, “Does it really work?”

Technology & Social Media

You’ve been told that as a real estate professional you have no business ignoring social media. It’s the wave of the future. You’ve been told it’s a great way to earn business and make money. You’ve even been told it’s mandatory. But I’m going to give it to you straight. You don’t need a Facebook profile. You really don’t. In fact, you don’t NEED to use social media at all.

Facebook is a Tool, Only a Tool

Good tools can make your work more effective and efficient. But they do not do the work for you. Facebook, Twitter, etc…these are merely tools. I do internet marketing consultation with many real estate professionals, and one popular concern that people have expressed to me is how to “get social media set up” or how to “get this social media thing knocked out”. I’ve been offered jobs to set up a bunch of social media profiles for brokers, because they don’t have the time to do it themselves.

The response I offer is “I appreciate the job, but if you’re too busy to even set up the profile, there’s probably not a lot of point in you having it!” Social media is not something to “set and forget”. You can’t “knock it out” or “get it taken care of”. A social media profile is only a tool. It’s an awesome tool, but it’s just a tool.

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