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I'm a real estate pro/analyst with over 10 years experience in various aspects of the business: investing, finance, sales, marketing (real marketing, not the BS that most realtors try to pass as such) technology, analysis, and a little construction. My approach is numbers based. Numbers are EVERYTHING and I believe you can calculate ANYTHING with enough information and the right algorithm. Make no mistake. Real estate is VERY predictable if your agent knows their market and their numbers. I know both. :) I'm a little odd in that I'm a nerd masquerading as a jock. In my spare time, I like fitness, sports, building and fixing stuff, and odd things like physics and statistics. I also like long walks on the beach and sarcasm.


I have been in real estate in some form since my first flip/remodel in 99. I've done some building/remodeling since then, bird-dogging, more investing, sales, and a TON of analysis for all of the above. I've sold rentals, flips, and multifamily properties and that's just this year (2012). Currently I am 1/2 of one of the most aggressive real estate teams in Baton Rouge. My partner Carmen deals with owner-occupied buyers, and I do all the creative/marketing/analysis and work with investors when I can.

Real Estate Goals

My goal is to find more investors to work with. My market is ripe with agents who have no interest in working with investors because it's a numbers game. I love numbers. I live numbers and actually crunch real estate stats and study the market WHEN I'M NOT WORKING. (I know, I have a problem.) But I seriously enjoy it.

Eventually, with the right clientele, I want to develop advanced algorithms that make identifying investments a snap, on the rental and rehab/flip side. Most of the data is there. It wouldn't be hard for me, but I don't have the client base yet to make it worth my time yet.

Currently Seeking

Investors that are looking for flip projects or income rental property.




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