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Damien Higgerson

Orlando, Florida

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I am interested in networking and investing in wholesale real estate. I have been involved in real estate since 1985 starting as a Realtor in commercial real estate.

I have bought houses and have renovated them myself. I enjoyed looking at a house that needed rehabbing and be able to visualize the finished product.

The market had taken its toll on me but while many people have thrown in the towel on real estate investing, I believe this is the perfect storm.

I have recently tapped into the bulk REO market. I have bulk REO tapes from direct sources(asset managers) for sale. I have small and large packages. I also have access to tapes with a few people involved but their source can be verified. Many package can be cherry picked.
I plan to purchase a few tapes that could be cherry picked once I am financially able.


I have been involved in real estate since 1985. I started after I received my Florida real estate license in August 1985 the same month my first son was born. I was interested in real estate investing therefore, I decided to jump straight into business opportunities and commercial real estate. I was looking forward to one day purchasing shopping centers and apartment complexes. I remember how the new tax codes caused many would be investors to wait on the sidelines while they sorted out the pros and cons of those new tax codes.
I bought my first house in 1989 and the second house two months later. What a feeling of accomplishment after such a struggle. I believe now if your going to buy for investment purposes buying retail is a no no and buying wholesale is one of the best ways to go. Now if your are in the position to buy bulk REO's or NPN's then you are going to be way ahead of the game when the market does turn around and it will.

Real Estate Goals

I am looking to find creative ways to get back on course and complete the goals that I set out to accomplish when I began my real estate journey. I see with the current market it reminds me of my visit to Houston, Texas back in 1987. I saw opportunity than and I see it now.

Currently Seeking

I am seeking to network and build relationships with people who have a real estate vision which includes financial independence through passive income..

About Me

Began Investing March 1988
Member Since October 03, 2010


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