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Hello Ladies Gentelmen,

My name is Decker Randolph, I am the Owner/Ceo of: Faithful Real Estate Properties, L.L.C. Here in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This is the First My Company and I are members with Bigger I was told from a friend about this Website.

I am 34 Years of Age and has been a Louisiana Citizen all my LIFE. I have been actively involved in Real Estate Investing since 2004 Before Hurricane Katrina and Rita Hit the City of New Orleans and the surrounding Parishes.

In 2008 God Bless me to start and operate my own sucessful Real Estate Company. Like I said I am a Young 34 Year old Male here to be of service and help to lots of Homeowners who needs to Sell and Retail/Investors who needs to Buy!

I love Real Estate, It is a Passion that God Placed in my Life. My Company is a Company that is Devoted to the people of New Orleans and its surrounding Counties/Parish. We Stand Firm to our Values, We're Committed to establish and Develope New Neighborhoods and Communities Eliminating Vacant Properties that is Haunting the City of New Orleans and it's surrounding Parishes.

We're here on Bigger Pockets to make a BIG FOOT PRINT! We want to Establish a Long Term Friendship/Network Partnership here ASAP! My Company is a Go Getter! We have lots of Awesome Deals that we get on a Daily Basis! We are seeking Network Investors like YOU to Network and Join us today you will be Bless by becoming a Network Partner with our Company TODAY!

This is a Great Time to make a Change in the Real Estate World. When you deside that you like to Network with us as a Private Investor. We at Faithful Real Estate Properties... WE WELCOME YOU NOW!

I like to Talk with you and connect with you today! If you are looking to Network and Invest your Investment Dollars in Louisiana. CALL US TODAY!

Faithful Real Estate Properties looks Forward in Hearing from you and working with you Long Term for many years to come.

Once Again Ladies & Gentelmen
My Name is Decker Randolph-Owner/Ceo Of:
Faithful Real Estate Properties,L.L.C.
Office Number:(504)264-1791


As Owner of Faithful Real Estate Properties. My Staff and Myself we have over 6 Years of Experience Range from:
1. Buying
2. Renovating
3. Renting
4. Leasing
5. Selling
6. Wholesaling Residential Properties.

We also are able to Provide Financing to ANY COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOOKING FOR FUNDING.

Real Estate Goals

Our Real Estate Goals are to Network with Other Private Investors Like YOU!
Where're here long term so our Long Term Goals is To own 135 Properties in 10 Years and Continue to Help Homeowners facing Foreclosure. The Goal is to be a HERO in Real Estate to the homeowners who seek our Service. And Buyers who also Seek Our Service someone like YOU!

Currently Seeking

We are Currently Seeking Other Friendly Private Investors In Louisiana & Mississippi. Someone who has a Heart to Become a Faithful Private Cash Partner with us. We are Seeking FAST PACE! REAL PRIVATE CASH INVESTORS READY TO INVEST IN LOUISIANA REAL ESTATE TODAY!!

If there's a Place in your Heart. I ask that you Connect With Us Today!.




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