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Elaine Love’s specialty is empowering you to reach your maximum productivity, profitability and peace of mind. Elaine is an award winning professional speaker, coach, mentor, real estate broker, business owner and telemark skier.

Her trophy shelf contains numerous sales, leadership, speaking and academic awards from Toastmasters, Wealth Masters, University of Denver, Juliana, and International Speech contests. As an author, Elaine has published over 361 articles. Lift as You Climb was released in 2011. Her newest book, Emotional Ice Water was released in May, 2012. Now to WOW is scheduled to be released lst quarter 2013.

With Masters Degrees in Applied Communication and Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Denver, 30 years of entrepreneurial awards, Distinguished Toastmaster designation in 30 months and a World Class Certified Business and Presentation Coach Designation, you have a complete package. Knowledge, experience, personality and the ability to convey a duplicable formula presents a winning combination. One coaching client went from significant negative cash flow to doubling her previous high goals. Another coaching client progressed from never winning outside the club to winning speech contests and receiving bookings to speak to numerous organizations.

Elaine’s audiences wanted to know “how did you take a controversial idea and win International “Innovator of the Year?” How do you remain sane, productive and profitable in the middle of a challenging economy? There is no doubt why her fellow business owners in Steamboat designated Elaine as the “Tiger in High Heels.”


Mountain Castles, Inc. November 1986 – October 2000
Originator, Owner, Broker, and CEO
Consultant to the purchaser October 2000 - August 2001
Leading a successful customer-service oriented business from idea conception through implementation and increasingly successful execution.
Started Mountain Castles with $4937.32 capital and developed it into a corporation of slightly less than $1,000,000 gross annual sales in eleven years.
Mountain Castles sold October 10, 2000 with no debt. Retained full responsibility for auditing all accounts and preparing all tax reports with the exception of the annual corporate income tax reports. Prepared all payroll and financial reports.

Real Estate Goals

Award: First Resort, Inc., Aspen, CO September 1997
International Innovator of the Year, Property Management

Currently Seeking

Opportunities to write and inspire creativity and increased productivity for real estate professionals



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