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I live on the CA Coast. I work mostly in Kern County and North Santa Barbara County, but I look at projects anywhere in CA and NV. My specialty is buying problem properties: Lien/debt issues, code compliance, tenant problems, probate/estate properties, title problems. I love working with directly with sellers.


I started with tax deed sales in California in 1999. Since then I've bought approx. 100 properties and notes. I typically resell most of what I buy to rehabbers and landlords, but started doing some of the rehabs myself a couple of years ago. I am a reluctant landlord and I keep properties as rentals usually only long enough to solve serious legal issues so that they can be resold.

Real Estate Goals

Would like to work on more RE projects in Northern California and Nevada, both retail rehabs and wholesale resales. Would like to be way busier and would be interested in partnering on the right projects.

Currently Seeking

Still looking for a rental market and tenant pool that is a good match for me. Looking for profitable RE projects involving notes, debt or title issues. I'll look at anything!



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