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I am a real estate investor that is looking to create passive income through real estate. I am also focused on creating capital through flipping real estate. I am working with a team of other investors just like myself in the Cleveland Heights, OH area. We are not very experienced with real estate investing and are looking to further our knowledge in order to grow our company.


I'm a newbie real estate investor but I have been building on my knowledge in everything that has to do with real estate investing. My team and I are focused on passive income and wholesale flipping.

Real Estate Goals

My current goals for myself is to replace my current earned income from my job (which isn't much) by the end of this year. My longer term goals for myself and my team is, of course, financial freedom through passive income through real estate.

Currently Seeking

I am currently seeking mentors, motivated sellers and hard money/private lenders to fund our deals. Also, anyone with a like mindset will be of great help to myself and my team.




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