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I and My Husband Dave started our business in 2005, We found that after 20+ years in Real Estate that we wanted to be more than a Real Estate Office, We wanted to better serve our clients,get more into helping those with foreclosure issues, practice more in the rental dept. and have more flexiablity with doing so. We wanted control over advertising without having to wait for approvals or denials. We wanted a name that said more than who owned it , or ride our reputation on a corporate name. We wanted a name that said Real Estate we think U R Home says it all. Of course to be our own complete boss.
What makes you different than other similar businesses in your community?
We like to think of ourselves as a family of Realtors rather than an individual working apart from the others. We work together in doing so we're able to offer different views, opinions and facts about Real Estate. We also are more flexiable with hours. Some clients can't meet during the day so we will meet them at most any hour of the day or night. We've met clients at midnite to go over paperwork etc. and I can say that the clients remarks were you made it feel like it's daytime with your office open music playing and Realtors alert as if it was noon time. My Husband also has to his credit an extensive background in Heating/cooling and general contracting experience, making him a Big Helpful Plus to Buyers and Sellers. In addition Dave also has had 10 years Mortgage Experience again giving a plus to Buyers/Sellers/Renters and those in a bad sisuation with their mortgage. I have background with the Public, I am an Author( not a huge success But working on it) nearly 20 years in marketing experience, ideal for Sellers looking for much needed marketing skills when selling their home or investment property. I am also skilled at home staging, market area values. I was top agent with my previous company month after month for over 8 years running. I also recieved Top Manager Award. All our Agents have added areas of knowledge when it comes to New Jersey Real Estate. When it comes to Buying Selling Renting Investing and more we tell it to you straight!

serving the Central Jersey area


Lisa Payne
2yrs as a Realtor for PNR/Century21
8 yrs as a Manager for PNR/Century21
Sales Leader of the Year for PNR/C21
8 out of 12 months for 5yrs Top Sales Leader
2005-Broker/Owner of U R Home Realty
Dave Griswold
1999-Mortgage Consultant
2000-Mortgage Consultant & Realtor for PNR/C21
2005 Broker Associate-PNR/C21
2005-Broker/Owner U R Home Realty
Dave and Lisa are experienced in short sales,foreclosures,Veterans Hud Vash,CommercialProperties,Investment Property,and High End Home Sales.
Dave comes from a construction background giving buyers and sellers added comfort in selling or choosing a home or investment property

Real Estate Goals

At U R Home we believe in not just listing in the town our office is located in, we feel that by being familiar with most of New Jersey we’re able to offer our clients a broader range of inventory & knowledge, sometimes moving a town over can mean a easier commute or lower monthly payments, maybe even a larger home for less. When you visit us at U R Home we’ll give you greater access to New Jersey and your dreams.

We also specialize in helping people become home owners.
Don’t think you can buy? Think Again!

Our Goal is to keep are reputation as knowledgable experienced Realtors/Brokers.
We wish to be able to help as many people as possible in crisis with their home or investment property.
We want to expand our office and locations.
We want U R Home Realty to become a household name that inspires trust and experience,with friendly knowledgable service.

Currently Seeking

Landlords and Sellers. We have clients looking to rent and buy in the central jersey area.



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