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Ann Bellamy
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I have a big family, 5 kids (4 of them are 21 and over and a kinderkid). My husband and I have been slowly investing in real estate. We would love for it to become a great income producing business but it's slower then originally thought. We currently own 11 rental SFH and 2 sixplexes. We started in 2005 fliping a house in Kansas was great profit, after that we stated buying rental houses in Lincoln (where we live). I would really love to take this business far and high up !


I have fliped a house in KS. It took my husband and I a full year !! But it was great learning experience...and very good profit ! After that, we have purchased several rental properties... We are both still learning !

Real Estate Goals

Now my main goal is to pay down debt - so that there is more cashflow to invest with soon!
Final goal: to make this business into a great full time income producer in the next few years !

Currently Seeking

Friendship/networking - people that do the same thing in Lincoln so we can share ideas and experiences.



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