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My journey into real estate investing began after working in Corporate America for the better part of eight years.

I actively invested in my 401K, saved regularly and lived well below my means, but other than that – I HAD NO STRATEGY!!

It was shortly thereafter that I decided to learn about personal finance and after a few months of studying, I realized that the majority of people who acquire REAL wealth do so by either starting a business or investing in real estate.

To make a long story short, I chose the simpler path of the two – buying rental property.

After a few headaches and some expensive “life lessons” the cash-flow started to add up. It wasn’t long before it started to take on an income of it’s own. I realized that if I would have learned some of these lessons from the start – I could have saved a lot of time and headaches! I hope that through sharing my real-life experience I’ll be able to help others in developing an additional monthly revenue streams and take the mystery out of rental property investing.

I share my experiences and thoughts on real estate here on the BP blog.

You can check out my previous articles at:

I also have a blog where I write about my experiences:

Please stop by and say hello!


The bulk of my experience over the past few years has been centered around "buy and Hold" rental property. My current business model is to acquire as many cash flowing rentals in this down-turn in the market, hold them for 10-15 years and sell off half to pay the other half off.

I am currently helping a few select investors build their rental portfolio by acquiring cash-flowing rentals property within CALIFORNIA (that's right, CA has markets that cash flow).

I'm not a guru, but I am happy to pass along the things I have learned both - the good and the bad! Please feel free to email me and say hello!

Real Estate Goals

I am currently working toward a monthly cash flow of 15K.

I am in the process of purchasing an additional 20-30 SFH in the next 24 months. I plan to use a combination of JV partnerships, hard money, private notes any other way I can get money.

This year I plan on incorporating more Wholesaling and flipping into my business plan.

Currently Seeking

Buying more property and learning from more experienced investors.




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