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I am the Founder and CEO of BiggerPockets. I created this site in 2004 to create a place where investors could learn, network, market and make deals in a safe online environment..

I've been interviewed, quoted, and referenced by top media outlets including: The Los Angeles Times, Newsday, CBS News Radio, The Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, US News & World Report, and more. If you're interested in an interview, or in using me as a source, I'm readily able to make myself available for you.

Additionally, some of my articles from the BiggerPockets blog can be found syndicated on Reuters, Fox Business News, Chicago Sun-Times, etc..


I'm an entrepreneur, ex-real estate agent in the Los Angeles area, and have been investing in real estate for years now. Thanks to BiggerPockets, I've helped countless people find the real estate tools, resources, and information they've been looking for.

Real Estate Goals

My goals are to continue building the user base and capabilities of to help anyone and everyone interested in any aspect of real estate. BiggerPockets has already become the go to destination for real estate investors, and we're determined to build upon that niche to help even more people.

When BiggerPockets becomes a household name, I'll have achieved the first of many of my vast goals for the site.

Currently Seeking

I'm currently looking for members on BiggerPockets to invite their colleagues to join up and get involved in our community!

I'm also seeking to find enthusiastic people who want to be part of something special, and have the creativity and ingenuity to help us meet our goals for growing the site.

I'm looking for companies that are interested in working with BiggerPockets to partner on great ideas.

If you're interested in learning more about our company, our goals, or participating in the success of BiggerPockets, please PM me !




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Josh is absolutely awesome to work with. The site offers an outstanding opportunity for everyone, beginner or veteran alike, to broaden his real estate knowledge.

Josh has been a pleasure to work with-- he's professional, his communication skills are excellent and he stays on top of things. I have a ton of respect for him and for the work he's doing around here.

Excellent, always willing to help and provide advice and good questions.

Working with Josh is always a truly wonderful experience. You would never go wrong working with him on any enterprise.

Bigger Pockets is the go-to real estate investment source, and Joshua is the master architect...

Josh is simply amazing. He took the time to develop which is nothing short of an amazing site and community. He is understands the needs of the community to openly share information and knowledge! I look forward to many great years dealing with Josh!

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