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Hey, My name is Brandon! I am the Senior Editor and Community Director of! I have been actively involved in real estate since I was 21 and totally and fully in love with the whole business. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!

My personal website, if you wanna learn more about me, is


I started out flipping houses in 2007, but when the market began to drop I began renting them out and found my calling. I now own and manage dozens of properties and officially exited the "rat race" by bringing my passive income above my expenses.

However, I suppose you could say I jumped back into the rat race by joining the BiggerPockets team. But if BiggerPockets is a rat race, that would make Josh Dorkin the mad scientist...

Either way, now I split my time between buying multifamily properties, flipping the occasional house, and hanging out with you hooligans on BiggerPockets!

Oh- and if you wanna know the rest of my story, check out this guest post I wrote that chronicles my whole journey:

Real Estate Goals

100 units at $100 per unit, per month - passive income.

Currently Seeking

63 more units! (Update 11/13... 58 more! )

Plus anyone looking to work on deals together or buy some of these great cash flowing properties in my area.

Or lenders looking for passive income on secured, cash-flow positive properties. Long term preferably.

Or just friends.



Deals & Holdings


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