Bryan A. Donor

  • Real Estate Investor from Charlotte, NC
  • Carolinas Revitalization, LLC

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My philosophy is long term. I prefer to purchase properties at a great discount and then rehab if necessary, so that I can rent and hold. The market presents great opportunities right now. I also flip properties, build new construction spec homes, and develop land for shorter term money. I enjoy the creative aspects of real estate, including putting together deals, helping finance buyers, and of course the rehabs and construction.


I started with what I thought was a simple rehab on my personal residence I bought while in college. (it was actually cheaper to buy a house than to live on campus!!) After living without a countertop for three months, and washing dishes in my bathtub, I decided to stop waiting on contractors and learn to fix things myself. I rented that house out and moved on to my next deal, and so on. I now do real estate investing full time.

Real Estate Goals

To not have to worry about money and give back to the world what it's done for me.

Currently Seeking

Anyone willing to share their experience and lessons with me. We're all constantly learning after all. Always seeking great deals in my local market and investors for my projects.




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