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We provide serious real estate investors with the best wholesale properties in NJ. Avoid the competition of the MLS as we do all the heavy lifting to find and deliver homes to you at 55-65% of FMV. Are you tired of would be wholesalers emailing about deals that you know in 10 seconds are not profitable? No comparable sales, no repair breakdown/estimate. If you are a serious cash buyer looking for the best real estate deals in New Jersey, contact me today to conduct an interview. If you have investment capital that is not getting you 10-14% returns contact me today to find out how to get huge, safe returns secured by real estate. We have a team of real estate professionals in place that will make you feel very confident about working with us and have over 50 years of combined real estate experience.


7 years experience in sales and marketing. First 2 deals generated a total of $138,000 in profit. Our team of real estate professionals, including our attorney, CPA, inspector, appraiser, and contractor have a total of 75+ years experience.

Real Estate Goals

Our goal is to build MDM Properties into a real estate company that wholesales at least 10-15 distressed properties in New Jersey per month. We will rehab and sell at least 3 properties per month ourselves. In order to accomplish this, we are continuing to develop relationships with New Jersey's most serious rehabbers, landlords and real estate professionals. We also are pursuing our goal to acquire at least 3 multi-unit cashflow properties per year.

Currently Seeking

1. Investors that want to escape the volatility of the stock market and get huge, safe returns secured by real estate. 2.Serious Cash Buyers(Rehabbers, Builders, Landlords, etc) looking for the best wholesale real estate available in Northern New Jersey.




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