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I was raised in the Bluegrass State and attended the University of Kentucky on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Upon graduating in 2008 with a degree in Political Science, I commissioned into the Air Force to serve as an Aircraft and Munitions Maintenance Officer. After four years of service I moved back to Kentucky to grow my real estate business.


My business partner and I purchased our first property in November 2010 after spending approximately 12 months studying real estate investing and developing a plan. Since then we have flipped a variety of properties to include a historic property, a townhouse, a duplex, and more.

Real Estate Goals

Short-term goal is to continue rehabbing and selling properties to build capital to reinvest. In addition, we have started to expand into buy and hold real estate and are looking to grow our portfolio.

Long-term goal is to own a diverse portfolio of properties (both residential and commercial).

Currently Seeking

Single and Multi-Family Homes in Central Kentucky for both rehab flips and long-term portfolio additions.

Looking to network with local and other real estate investors to expand my knowledge and capabilities in real estate investing.

I am always trying to learn more, expand my business skills and improve upon my current capabilities.


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