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Frank R.
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Vannak Kann
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Stephen McKee
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Blair Halver
Marietta, GA

I am an active real estate investor and entrepreneur. My family owns several companies including Memphis Invest, GP, Dallas Invest, GP and Premier Property Management Group. All of the companies work together assisting real estate investors from around the country interested in developing a wealth building portfolio of investment properties in Memphis, TN. and Dallas, TX. Today, we are the largest privately held company selling property in Memphis averaging over 62 sales a month!

Having been involved in many start-ups and customer service oriented businesses as well as actively investing in Memphis for many years, we feel our mix of service, product and opportunity are a great fit for investors looking to either get started or get their portfolios growing again.


I started quite by accident. I traded houses with someone to get mine sold and in doing so, picked up a rental near a university. I OVERPAID!

Since then I have purchased 47 properties for my own portfolio. I have purchased 6 properties in the past for fix and flip deals and 5 went great. I still own one in Denver, CO. that is a nightmare.

In 2008, I personally assisted investors in purchasing over 83 investment properties in Memphis while my family has assisted another 124. We developed a turn-key system where we assist in locating the investment property, assisting in initial financing, rehabbing the property, renting the property and managing the property for the investor.

That all seems like a long time ago.

Today, we have 45 full time staff and operate 5 different companies. Three buying companies, one in Memphis, one in Dallas, Texas and one in Houston, Texas and two property management companies.

We manage over $135 million in assets for real estate investors from 41 states and 6 countries. We developed our company in a unique way so that each of our 550+ clients always knows they are THE most important client at all times.

We manage 1500+ properties in Memphis and another 50+ in Dallas with plans to add another 100+in Dallas and another 400+ properties in Memphis during 2013.

Real Estate Goals


Over the years we have been told many times what we cannot do. Either because it had never been done before or because the one doing the telling had no vision. Take your pick - but, we have been told more than once.

Each time, we simply set about our path of growing an incredible company and are on pace to have a fantastic 2013! We plan to continue hiring as needed to keep the highest level of customer service possible and add services in whatever areas our clients request.

Currently Seeking

We can always use quality people and companies assisting us with our clients.



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