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Marv Rousselow is the president and founder of LeaseOwn Homes established in 2010, Marv’s passion is to help people become homeowners. There are so many people who have lost their homes due to bad loans, the real estate crash, lost jobs and credit due to the economy.

Marv is a full time real estate investor who teaches others how to become homeowners and how to have financial freedom through real estate. Marv also helps current investors learn how to find long term tenants, how to avoid being a landlord and earn more profit from their investments while save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

You can trust anything Marv shares with you about real estate investing, since 1985 Marv has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and training as a real estate investor, everything Marv teaches comes from his training and firsthand experience.

Marv knows what it is like to lose everything, in 2006 Marv was a millionaire from real estate investing and in 2007 Marv’s wife Maddie became ill and was rushed to the hospital and ended up in intensive care on life support.

Maddie was on Oxygen for three years and while Marv was caring for Maddie the real estate market crashed and Marv and Maddie lost almost everything they owned. They lost their home of 17 years, their cars and almost all of their possessions.

Marv has made his life mission to let others know that no matter what happens in your life there is hope and Marv proves that every day with his continued accomplishments in his business and personal life.

Marv grew up in Waterloo, Iowa and graduated from Central High School in 1983. Moved to California in 1985 and entered the auto industry, Marv met the love of his life Maddie soon after moving to California in 1985 and they were married December 23rd, 1990. Marv has two step children and five grandchildren and Marv and Maddie now live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you would like to contact Marv Rousselow please give him a call at (480) 382-8858.


I am a full time real estate investor, I have spent the last 25 years of my life educating myself to insure my success in real estate investing.

My goal in life is to help others have a better life through real estate.

Real Estate Goals

My goal is to invest in real estate to have financial freedom to enjoy my life doing the things that I enjoy, one of my passions is to teach my education and experience to others to help them to have the life they deserve.

Currently Seeking

Tired of the ‘Rat Race’?

When you invest in LeaseOwn Homes, Lease to Own Real Estate Program you are making an investment in yourself and your future. Enjoy the flexibility of working out of your home office or in an office park, it’s your choice. Our management system can be accessed anywhere an internet connection exists, so you can do business nationwide and even continue managing your business while on vacation in Hawaii.

Be in Business For Yourself but not By Yourself

The LeaseOwn Homes, real estate Investing system is a complete time-tested lease to own business model supported by cutting-edge technology and by an industry veteran who has earned millions of dollars from real estate, Marv Rousselow. You will receive one-on-one training so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. If we decide to grant you a affiliate or affiliate partnership, you can live the American Dream without taking a chance on unproven business model and system.
Earn Now, During and After

Our unique lease to own homes system allows you the opportunity to profit upon move in, every month of the lease term, and then again once the property is purchased. That means you are not simply earning an immediate profit; you are building your monthly cash flow with every deal. That is money that will be deposited into your bank account automatically even when you choose to take a week off to spend with family.

How Much Can You Sell Your ‘Job’ For?

You invest so much time and passion into what you do. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was financial freedom so not only can you enjoy life when you retire but you get to enjoy the journey. Becoming a LeaseOwn homes Affiliate or Affiliate Partner might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Create your own Team of Affiliate & Affiliate Partners who will earn you additional income.

Our system allows you to manage a lease to own sales team with ease. Each of these team members can recruit their own team of Affiliates and Affiliate Partners that will continue to increase your passive income. Our System provides your team members with their own control so you can spend time generating your own deals while profiting from their efforts.



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