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Michael Q.
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Bakersfield, CA


Jon Klaus
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Garland, TX


Kenneth Woods
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Fort Worth, TX

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Brittani Gardner
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Saint Louis, MO


Carmen Cotto-Rivera
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Burlington County, NJ


Jay Von Mohr
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L.A., CA


Jim M.
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Murfreesboro, TN

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Ed Lee
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Hattiesburg, MS


Drew Friestedt
Chicago, IL

Working in the Audio Visual business, putting my wife through school to fulfill her lifelong dream of being an elementary school teacher, and ready to stop reading and start buying.


Wholesaling/Bird Dogging leads from my own website and other marketing.

Working with other investors on their direct mail marketing campaign. I handle most of the followup from the initial call, scheduling viewings, sometimes viewing myself, negotiating offers on behalf of the investor, etc.

Real Estate Goals

Continue to get paid to learn & build a network of investors via the investor marketing work I've been doing.

Get my Texas RE license.

Once my wife is teaching, I will find some deal partners and start rehabbing locally and expand as it makes sense. I want to be known as THE GUY to buy rehabs from. Many I see in my area are shoddy at best, and sit on the market forever. I'm going to change that, and set a new standard.

Once sufficient cash reserves are established, we will build a portfolio of Single Family Rentals in the Ft. Worth/Weatherford area.

Currently Seeking

Local Ft. Worth mentors & investors who are BUYING RIGHT NOW.

Properties in the West Fort Worth to Weatherford area that need new life.



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