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I'm a self proclaimed "serial entrepreneur", which drives my wife nuts. Not only do we have multiple real estate investments, we also opened a wine/liquor store and recently launched an online website called Entreprenewlyweds ( The website is aimed at filling a unfilled niche in the market, which is how to manage being an entrepreneur and maintain your relationship with your spouse and family. We share a lot of great content and advice on the blog, so check it out!

I began learning about real estate in the summer of '07 and purchased my first duplex that December. Since then my niche is buy and hold properties (mostly duplexes and most recently a 4-plex).


Multiple years/properties. Mostly buy/hold.

Real Estate Goals

1. Financial Freedom. My wife has been able to quit her job. There are a lot of benefits to having a job, and while I am not looking to quit right away, I also would enjoy having more time and not working for someone else for 45 years of my life. My initial target was to have the option to retire from a day job within 15 years of graduating from college.

2. To help other achieve success in real estate. I am very passionate about helping new investors who want to get started in real estate. I spent a lot of money to get started and try to explain to people that there are better ways than to spend tens of thousands on "guru" training.



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