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Ned Carey
Baltimore, MD

I am a 34 year old entrepreneur, owned a business and currently invest in real estate. I am a social worker by W-2 standards, but I am looking to fire my boss like YESTERDAY!!! I am married, have two dogs and enjoy my past time of video games and real estate investing


When I was 16 I knew I wanted to own property. When I turned 19, I tried to buy a home but was terrified to do so. If only I would have started then!!! I fast forward to 2006 and I purchased my first property with my wife and we are chugging along.

Real Estate Goals

I am looking to meet other investors who want to do GREAT THINGS in Detroit. I invest in detroit, because I am familar with the area and its affordable! I do plan on branching out and investing in other states, but its all about establishing my foundation right now.

My short range real estate goals are as follows:

Utilize my current real estate to serve as my full time job, this to be done in 1-3 months.

Obtain 10-20 more properties by December of 2014.

Utilize obtained properties to transition into multi-family units

Currently Seeking

I am looking for an ambitious person that is looking to grow a real estate empire, but keeping people at the center of it all. I am looking to converse with someone that is interested in maybe doing some deals together or at least discuss ways how real estate can change our lives for the better!


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