Mobile Home Park Manager Duties (Part 2)

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By Dale Osborn
August 9 2011

Besides the collection and accounting of rents there are other administrative duties required for managers. This can range from maintaining a supply of all the required blank forms to keeping the resident files up to date.

There are many required blank forms to have on hand for the day to day operation of the mobile home park. The first form a prospective resident would see would be the application form. This is a key step in your prescreening of residents. The form must be filled out in full, with all fees paid with the application in order for it to be processed. The ones that walk away and say they will be back the next day as they do not have the application fee with them are people you probably do not want anyway. They do not want a credit or criminal check made so walk away and never come back. If the applicant meets all your required criteria then they would move on to the next step.

After being approved for residency, they would then need to fill out the lease and any addendums along with signing for receiving a copy of the park rules and regulations. An example of an addendum would be room mates, pets, storage agreement, extra car parking assignment & fees, and any others that may apply. Along with the lease the manager would need to fill out a lot condition report. If the mobile home is moved out, then the lot would need to be returned to the same condition. Some mobile home parks require a deposit for the lot. If this is the case, a deposit accounting form would need to be filled out and kept on file. I personally do not collect a lot deposit as it has become just a big hassle to maintain separate accounting for them.

Another form in the blank forms packet would be a work order log. All maintenance and repairs for each lot needs to be logged in and how and when the work was completed. Along with this form the Owner needs to put together a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual. This would provide written instructions as to what steps would be required to be taken in different emergency situations. For water leaks or emergencies, the name and telephone number of the plumbing person to call. For electrical problems, the number for the power company as well as your electrician who does repairs for the MHP. Any possible situation should be planned for and a response readily available. Then if anything pops up – there will be no running around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off.

Another administrative function for the manager is to enforce park rules and regulations in a fair and equitable manner. Handling emergency calls, providing notices, letters or newsletters to residents are some other duties. Walking the property once or twice daily to make sure the trash is picked up around the community as well as the grass, weeds getting cut as well as trees and shrubs being kept in a neat appearing manner. Curb appeal is what sells the community to newcomers. While out walking the property, you would not believe all the resident feedback you can pick up. One neighbor will run out and rat on their neighbor having loud music. Another neighbor will run out and point the finger at another resident possibly involved with selling drugs or doing prostitution. You have to be able to weed out the truth versus the hateful neighbor syndrome in all of these cases. Being available on a daily basis will also keep things running smoothly. It sometimes feels like the manager is just an over paid baby sitter. The residents pay rent so feel that the manager needs to take care of any and all problems that arise.

Although it is a last resort, eviction forms and procedures would be a major item to have in your SOP. If the forms are not filled out properly or the resident is not served in the right way, then your whole case can be thrown out and you need to start the whole process over again. You may even have the manager go to court on your behalf.

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