1031 Exchange Articles

  1. No Vacation on 1031 Watch

    over 6 years ago by Amy K. Walsh, CES®

    Summary of the Moore v. Commissioner case discussing the treatment of vacation homes in 1031 tax-deferred exchanges.

  2. Acquiring Multiple Replacement Properties

    over 4 years ago by Cris Anderson

    This article explains the identification rules and the method to determine the new basis of multiple replacement properties

  3. Vacation Home Exchangs and Rev. Proc. 2008-16

    over 5 years ago by Scott Saunders

    Provides an overview of Revenue Procedure 2008-16 and how investors contemplating exchanging out of or into a vacation home held primarily for investment may to plan in advance.

  4. Do You Want 360 Days to Exchange?

    about 5 years ago by Scott Saunders

    This article descibes the benefits of potentially combining a reverse exchange along with a delayed exchange.

  5. Treating Seller Financing in a 1031 Exchange

    almost 6 years ago by Scott Saunders

    Provides an overview of the two primary and four secondary ways to potentially handle the treatment of an installment sale note in a 1031 exchange.

  6. Farm & Ranch Exchanges

    about 5 years ago by Cris Anderson

    A look at 1031 exchanges for farm and ranch properties.

  7. Acquiring Distressed Property in a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange

    over 3 years ago by Cris Anderson

    Acquiring distressed properties in a 1031 exchange presents unique issues

  8. 1031 Exchanges in a Foreclosure Situation

    over 5 years ago by Scott Saunders

    Investors facing foreclosure may still end up with unintended tax consequences. This article explores why an exchange may need to be set up prior to a foreclosure and how to accomplish this type of...

  9. The Secret To Success That 97% Of All Real Estate Investors Overlook

    about 7 years ago by Sean Flanagan

    The real estate investing market can be a slippery and treacherous path if you don’t know what you are doing. No matter how excited you might get over the prospect of a successful real estate bus...

  10. The 7 Reasons You're Not a Success in Real Estate

    about 7 years ago by Sean Flanagan

    You've set up your business. You've made great looking business cards. You've told friends and family members about your new company.

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