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  1. Benefits of Subject-To Financing for the Homeowners

    over 5 years ago by Tom Bukacek

    No Money No Credit Strategies (NMNCS) are a great way for new investors to get involved in real estate. Subject-to financing is a buying strategy that allows for wealth creation. It is a method for...

  2. Homeowners Associations under siege by foreclosures

    over 7 years ago by Kathy Torline

    It's more important than ever for buyers to do their due diligence when buying a property that has a mandatory HOA.

  3. 8 Good Reasons to use "Land Trusts"

    over 7 years ago by Glen Andrews

    Why you need to use Land Trusts when buying property.

  4. Home Equity

    over 7 years ago by Will Barnard

    How To Manage Your Home Equity To Gain Wealth Conservatively!


    about 7 years ago by Douglas Christian

    Not paying more than what a property is worth. Paying much less in case of something happening.

  6. Creative Financing for Real Estate Investing: Revolving Line of Credit

    about 7 years ago by Iman Yusef-Yahya

    One powerful method for raising capital for your real estate investing business is establishing a revolving line of credit with one or more financial institutions. The benefits of a line of credit ...

  7. Think Loan Term

    about 4 years ago by Jack Miller

    Profit Potential, Why buy real estate, thinking long term, and timing of the market

  8. What If A Seller Calls With A Listed House

    almost 7 years ago by Tony Severino

    It is common for a seller to call us that has a house listed with a Realtor. There are two possible options, one ethical, one that may get you into trouble, which one will you do?

  9. How to search for a property deal on Craigslist

    about 7 years ago by James Miller

    Use Craigslist tools and the proper search terms to find a deal.

  10. Buying Real Estate Subject To The Existing Mortgage Part 1 of 3

    about 7 years ago by Donna Robinson

    "Subject-to" as it is commonly called, can be an excellent way to create a win-win real estate transaction for a buyer and seller. Buyers can buy without qualifying for a new loan, and sellers may ...

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