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  1. Why Now is a Great Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

    over 6 years ago by Ned Coyle

    Net Leased Properties are a safe and secure place to invest for long term returns on your money. Here's why.

  2. Understanding Value in Multi-Family Units

    over 6 years ago by Tom Bukacek

    Owning an apartment complex is not as difficult as it may seem. Like any other discipline, successful investing in multi-family dwellings can be learned and private capital can be raised to acquir...

  3. Purchasing Multifamily and Commercial Properties

    about 7 years ago by Omar Johnson

    This article highlights the different criteria involved in investing in commercial real estate properties.

  4. Commercial Property's #1 Myth

    about 6 years ago by Dike Drummond

    Here is the number one myth in Commercial Real Estate. The press spouts it all the time and you will miss out on hot markets if you listen

  5. How to Sound Like a Pro to Commercial Real Estate Brokers

    over 4 years ago by Jeremy Cyrier

    Commercial real estate brokers can be your greatest resource to finding deals, if you use them wisely. Avoid making the common mistake of miscommunicating with brokers by using this proven approach...

  6. Commercial Property Seller's Dirty Tricks

    about 7 years ago by Dike Drummond

    The three most common Dirty Tricks Commercial Property Sellers will try to pull on you. How to spot them, catch them and turn the tables in your favor.

  7. Triple Net Lease Commercial Property

    over 5 years ago by Jimmy Moncrief

    As a real estate investor, are your goals security, predictable partially tax-sheltered income with an inflation hedge, if so, then commercial triple-net lease property is an excellent vehicle to c...

  8. Why CAP Rates Won’t Save You This Time

    over 4 years ago by Jeremy Cyrier

    The past several years have been forgiving to commercial real estate investors. You could go out, buy a building, lower the rents, and sell the property for more than you paid for it. Huh?

  9. Commercial and Small Business Interest Rates

    over 4 years ago by G. Harris

    There are some important details you should know when it comes to commercial and small business loans. First, be aware that commercial rates differ from residential rates. Factors such as the type ...

  10. 7 Secrets to Your Success…Investing in Commercial Real Estate

    about 6 years ago by Paul Kestenbaum

    7 Secrets to Your Success…Investing in Commercial Real Estate

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