For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Articles

  1. How to Choose a FSBO Company

    over 7 years ago by Jane FSBO

    A FSBO company can effectively answer all your questions, help you with every step of the process and make sure your advertising looks professional. At least, a good FSBO can do these things.

  2. Reasons You Should Use a Realtor

    over 7 years ago by Jane FSBO

    Selling your home isn’t for everyone. There are some reasons I think people should use a Realtor. Reasons like these:

  3. Benefits of Listing Your Home With a Realtor

    almost 7 years ago by Mark Yuschak

    Many sellers have a misconception about what is involved in selling a property FSBO. The points below illustrate why selling a home FSBO may not be the best choice.

  4. Selling Your Investment Property Using a Lease Option Agreement

    about 7 years ago by Gregory Davis

    The term “lease-option agreement” is frequently thrown around, but what’s the story behind using one? Are they a realistic way of selling investment properties? Here’s brief summary of what...

  5. Tips To Selling Real Estate Without A Realtor

    about 6 years ago by Peter Vekselman

    Something you will need to think about when selling real estate is whether or not to use a Realtor. Although it is far more work to sell a home without a Realtor, it can save you thousands of doll...

  6. For Sale by Owner vs For Sale by Real Estate Agent

    over 7 years ago by Donte Mazyck

    If your real estate market is like Charlotte North Carolina, then traditional ways of selling through a real estate agent is not going to work. You have to start thinking creatively to sell or get...

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