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  1. Lease Option vs. Contract for Deed

    over 5 years ago by William Bronchick

    Many investors are generally familiar with the concepts lease option and contract for deed (aka “installment land contract”). Many investors confuse the two, and this article will help you unde...

  2. Lease Options and Credit Repair

    about 5 years ago by Chris Scully

    Lease option performance may not improve much as a result of putting tenant buyers in credit repair programs. Here's why.

  3. Housing Cents: When a Lease Option Makes Sense

    almost 6 years ago by Kris Krohn

    The average house hunter should know that although banks have been unable to absorb the blow to the housing market, the private sector is adjusting to create new opportunities from the ashes of the...

  4. The Lease Option: Benefits for Homeowners and Renters Alike

    over 5 years ago by Kris Krohn

    If lease options are set up correctly, the investor saves thousands of dollars in vacancies, repairs, and eventual selling costs while enjoying a positive monthly cash flow from day one. A common m...

  5. Cash Flow Properties

    about 6 years ago by Annette N.

    Cash flow properties produce monthly income while increasing in value over time. They are very attractive to people who want to own but need some time to get their finances in order.

  6. How to Do a Lease Option Assignments

    almost 6 years ago by Brian Gibbons

    Lease Option Assignments help the Seller and the Renter. I will discuss the "hot buttons" of each.

  7. How to Save a Rent to Own Deal and Make $100,000 Extra.

    almost 6 years ago by Brian Gibbons

    You can earn more money in lease option by listening to tenant buyers' concerns. This is a true story how I made an extra $100,000.00 by listening to my tenant buyer.

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