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  1. “The Royal Flush” of Investing in Real Estate

    over 7 years ago by Dennis Henson

    There are many options for investing your money. Here are some examples: • Stocks • Bonds • Bank Certificates • Mutual Funds • Other Over the Counter Investments • REAL ESTATE

  2. Unbeatable Strategies to Get in the Real Estate Game

    over 7 years ago by Sean Flanagan

    Real Estate investing is an exciting, yet lucrative, way to create sustainable wealth and residual income, while securing your family’s economic future.

  3. The Secret of Using Deadlines to Save You Time and Make You More Money

    over 6 years ago by Jason Hanson

    Learn the right way to use deadlines so you don’t waste valuable time with unmotivated sellers.

  4. Understanding Leverage and Return on Investment (ROI)

    over 7 years ago by Robert McComb

    A great deal of the return on investment in real estate comes from the leveraged appreciation of the asset value. Here's a simple explanation of how this can be calculated to understand the potenti...

  5. Getting Rid of Those Tough Odors In Your Property

    over 4 years ago by Sharon Vornholt

    If you’ve been investing in real estate for any amount of time, you have almost certainly come across properties that smell terrible. I’m not talking about regular odors or mustiness; I’m talking a...

  6. What is a Standard Real Estate Investing Deal?

    almost 6 years ago by Bill Cook

    When structuring a deal, it's critical to find out what the other side wants and why they want it. The Golden Rule - Do unto others as YOU would have them do unto YOU is wrong!

  7. Investment Property: How to Choose a Good General Contractor

    over 5 years ago by Jay Redding

    Hiring a good general contractor for your investment property is about as important as finding a good dentist. If an investor needs to make improvements or repairs, an experienced general contract...

  8. A Mentor for Real Estate

    over 7 years ago by Peter Vekselman

    A Mentor for Real Estate: They will walk you through all the details to make your investing experiences successful and profitable. Learn more about choosing a mentor here . . .

  9. Assessing Motivation—Four Reasons Sellers Sell

    about 7 years ago by Steve Steadele

    If you buy an apartment building and hope to make a lot of money, you'll need to convert current and/or future cash flow into value. Price is undoubtedly a major factor in your decision making proc...

  10. Understanding Return on Investment

    over 7 years ago by Robert McComb

    This excerpt from A Field Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment offers a simple explanation for understanding and calculating the Return on Investment for any property purchase.

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