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  1. Important Landlord Rights that You and Every Landlord Must Know

    about 7 years ago by Teo Zhenjie

    Too many rental property owners suffer costly mistakes and unnecessary headaches because they don't know their landlord rights well enough. Master your crucial landlord rights easily and quickly now.

  2. Land Trusts Made Simple

    about 7 years ago by Randy H.

    Why you should be using Land Trusts in your investing business.

  3. Is a Landlord Tenant Lawyer Worth Your Money and Time?

    over 6 years ago by Teo Zhenjie

    A landlord tenant lawyer can be a powerful ally if you rent out your properties to others. Find out when an attorney can help you out in your landlord business and how you can choose the right one.

  4. A Lesson on the Basics of Real Estate Contracts

    almost 5 years ago by Alex Everest

    A real estate contract is a legally binding agreement between a buyer and seller concerning title to property. Since contracts play such an important role in the real estate marketplace, real esta...

  5. Real Estate Tools: Rights of First Refusal

    over 6 years ago by Laine Wagenseller

    What is a right of first refusal? A right of first refusal is the conditional right to acquire property, depending on the owner's willingness to sell. The holder of the right merely has the prefe...

  6. The 5 Steps to Prosecute a Successful Lawsuit for Specific Performance

    over 6 years ago by Laine Wagenseller

    Disputes over the purchase and sale of real estate differ from other legal disputes because the jilted party in a real estate transaction can often ask the court to actually enforce the contract. ...

  7. Learn Your Rental Property Law to Manage Tenants Effortlessly

    almost 7 years ago by Teo Zhenjie

    Knowing your rental property law is the most effective way of managing your tenants smoothly and staying out of trouble. Learn more about the important and common landlord tenant laws today.

  8. Protecting Tenants from Foreclosure

    over 4 years ago by Mitchell Sussman

    With the collapse of the real estate market and the resulting bank foreclosures on hundreds of thousands of residential rental properties, often, tenants residing as leaseholders in residential pro...

  9. Florida Kills LLC Asset Protection

    over 5 years ago by Clint Coons

    Find out what Florida's ruling may mean for you and why the state you choose for your LLC can make all the difference in a lawsuit.


    about 7 years ago by Will Barnard

    Protecting your assets. What is the corporate veil and how can it be protected?

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