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  1. FAQ on Investing in Tax Liens & Deeds

    about 7 years ago by Glenn Daniels

    Have you thought about investing in Tax Liens and Deeds. Here is a short FAQ for you to read over.

  2. Investing in Trust Deeds after the Real Estate Meltdown

    about 5 years ago by Don Konipol

    With real estate prices falling as much as 50% in the last two years, many real estate investors, as well as many trust deed investors lost a significant part of their principal.

  3. Land of the Lost Real Estate Note

    almost 5 years ago by Marc Faulkner

    A look at lost real estate notes and the problems they can cause.

  4. Hiring a Tax Lien Attorney to Quiet Title

    over 4 years ago by Jon Fadil

    Non-judicial foreclosure states often require you to file a lawsuit for quiet title on your tax deed. However, it's not appropriate all of the time.

  5. Five Risks of Tax Lien Investing

    about 5 years ago by J G.

    Tax lien investing can be a profitable addition to your real estate investment portfolio. However, it is not without risks. Most websites, books and advertising on the subject tends to neglect di...

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