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Lamest Excuses for Late Rent by Tenants

Joshua Dorkin
1 min read

In an effort to entertain our readers, I return to our forums. One of our users, All Cash, asked what excuses people got from their tenants when the rent was late or simply did not show up. I’ll give you a few great ones our members have heard:

Las Vegas Real Estate “I had it on the first but when you didn’t call I spent it”

GreenfieldentI had a tenant who said they mailed the rent out and they mailed it to the correct address. BUT they did not put a stamp on the envelope. They actual thought the U.S. postal service would still mail it out without a stamp.

All Cash1. Man, I had to buy tires for my TA! I found out TA meant Trans Am, so I quit renting to people who were more in love with their cars than with a roof over their head.

2. I’m a bit short because I started my own (sheetrocking) business! No, YOU didn’t start a sheetrocking business, I started a sheetrocking business!

3. Tenant calls and says on the way over with the rent. “It better be full rent” I said, “it’s all there” he said. Shows up an hour and a half later (the house is about 2 miles away) but the rent is short $250! Hey you said you had it all, I HAD it all but I saw a cool stereo on my way over”! Let me type you a receipt I said and typed him a three day notice to quit the premises and gave him that with the receipt. I hope you like living in the stereo!

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