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Finding Properties Under Fair Market Price

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One of our forum members, Snowstar, asked a question on how to find properties under fair market price. Charles, another member, had a good response, which I wanted to share with everyone: You won’t be fast enough to find and buy real estate “under the fair market price”. If such a property is advertised, the [...] View the full article: Finding Properties Under Fair Market Price on The BiggerPockets Blog. This content is Copyright © 2017 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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    Replied over 14 years ago
    i agree, i currently am in escrow on a fourplex. The list price was $1,075,000, which is high by $100,000. I made a low ball offer of 875,000, they responded back at 975,000, i then countered back at 925,000 and much to my surpirse, they accepted. I then had a bunch of inspections done and found some minor problems, i told the seller i would walk if these were not addressed, i was able to bluff them out of an extra 25,000. My total price is 900,000 which is 75,000 under what is worth. what i am trying to say is Undervalued prorpeties will sell in a day, but overpriced prorpeties will sit on the market and make thew seller much more mtoivated. Lowball offers dont hurt, its worht a shot, just be sure you have the money if they accept your lowball offer:)