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Interesting Real Estate Tidbits

1 min read
Joshua Dorkin

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I wanted to share some interesting stories, so check ’em out!

– A Great Foreclosure, Doesn’t Mean A Great Home – this article is important for one reason, the following advice:

Before you place your first bid some things you should do:

1. A title search. Find out if there are any outstanding liens or claims.
2. A drive by. Get a look at the property and the neighborhood.
3. Get your finances in order. You need 10 percent of the purchase price at auction in cash or a cashier’s check.

Very good information for anyone interested in going to an auction.

– Affordable housing: Seizing an opportunity – a nice story on housing programs and affordable housing.

Real Estate Web Sites Bring Buyers, Sellers Together – the article is only important because it introduces us to CondoBid.com, an auction site for people to bid on condos online. Not a bad idea.