The Importance of Keeping a Routine

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Most people live their life in a box. Wake up, get ready for work, work for 8 hours or so, come home, spend time with family and so on. They are either content with their jobs or not, but they work a typical job, and can count on a typical schedule. While oftentimes boring, such a predictable schedule actually makes life easier, and I’ll argue, makes you a bit more productive.

Hear me out . . .

Who do you think is more productive? The entrepreneur / real estate agent / investor who gets up and heads to the office (even if its at home) and has a routine, or the guy without one? The guy with a routine spends the first hour or so doing email and finishing business from yesterday, works leads for a few hours, sets up meetings for lunch, etc. Every day, without fail, he sticks to his routine, and can count on running an organized business for himself.

The guy without one gets up when he pleases, heads to the office when he feels like it, and changes his routine like he changes his clothes. Is he going to run a productive business for himself? I’ll have to argue no.

As someone working for yourself there is nothing more important then setting and keeping your schedule and routine. Ruining the flow can be disruptive, and make you ineffective.

I have personally experienced this phenomenon, as I’ve worked part-time jobs while trying to set up my entrepreneurial endeavors. Those days that I have stayed in my routine have been extremely productive days, while I circle my desk on days when I show up late to my office. I feel like I’m playing catch up all day long. It is a constant distraction.

So, I’d like to impart this upon all of the entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and real estate professionals (investors included) out there. Set up a routine that works for you and stick to it. You’ll find that you get a ton more accomplished!

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  1. Chris Farrugia on

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I sell Naples Florida real estate where it could be really easy to get wrapped up in spending a couple of hours at the beach or something along those lines. However, I have my routine that works for me and keeps me on track. I do see a lot of people that practice real estate at all different hours daily. While we do have that option in this profession, I just don’t see how it could be the best way to run your business.

  2. This article hurts me a little, but alas, so much truth. Thanks for the wake up. I should put some thoughts into setting up a better schedule for myself to follow. I’ve had thoughts about doing that for a while, so maybe this little article is what it will take to give me a little kick on the fanny.
    Thanks for a bit of motivation in the right direction!

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