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The Original Top 35 Real Estate Blogs list was compiled in August 2006, and has generated almost 150,000 views since then (as of 6/30/2013). This post has been enormously popular, but as you’ll see below, time has not been kind to the real estate blogging space. Many of the early (and in my opinion, best) bloggers have fallen off, lost focus, or moved on. At the time of this writing, only 10 of the original 35 top real estate blogs are still active (updated at least once a week); I’ve kept a running tally of the removal of those that have fallen off to keep some kind of record of the change in the real estate blogging scene.

That said, due to the popularity of this post, I believe that it is my responsibility to not only remove blogs that aren’t cutting it, but to also keep up with the times and highlight new blogs. I’ve broken this article up into three sections: the new top real estate blogs list, the history of the list as well as the original blog post with top 35 list.

While there are pundits and others out there have argued that real estate blogging is dead, I believe that there is absolutely still a huge demand for these blogs, and I know that those people and companies that are active and focused with their blogging are reaping the benefits.

The Top Real Estate Blogs (active list)

Note: The blogs below are active, focused, living communities that don’t charge for access. We will not announce changes to this list if they need to be made, but will simply add or remove new sites if it needs to happen.

Commercial Real Estate Blogs
Ashworth Partners Blog
A Student of the Real Estate Game
Llenrock Blog
The Tenant Advisor

Corporate Blogs
MemphisInvest Blog
Movoto Blog
Redfin Blog
Zillow Blog

Housing / Economy / Data
Calculated Risk
Crains Real Estate

Curbed NY
Irvine Housing Blog
The Real Deal NY
Sacramento Appraisal Blog
The Silver Fern

Local Real Estate News
Lansner on Real Estate

Real Estate Investing
Bawldguy Talking
The BiggerPockets Blog
Flipping Junkie
Flipping Smart

Real Estate Technology & Marketing
100Watt Blog
Inman Next
The Notorious Rob

The History of the Top Real Estate Blogs

Update 5/9/12: After a post from Joe Salcedo on GeekEstate, dubbed Where Have All the Real Estate Bloggers Gone? that points to this post and goes into the decline of real estate blogging, I figured it was important to go through once more to remove any blogs that aren’t keeping up. Unfortunately, it looks like a few more are going to drop off the list. That said, I’ve decided to transform this post into a new top list, which you can find above.

Update 6/15/10: We fixed a few links and removed a few blogs from the list as well. It is sad to see more and more of the original top blogs on this list removed, but that is how things go. We never put together an updated top real estate blog list since the original was published, but are planning on assembling several niche ones, which we will share below.

Update 5/20/09: We’ve again gone through the list and killed off the dead links, as well as those blogs that either a) are rarely updated, b) no longer serve content deemed amongst the best. We also published a follow up post, dubbed The Top 35 Real Estate Blogs Revisited almost 3 Years Later, where we examine what happened to this list, and where we solicit suggestions for a new, updated one.

Update 11/29/08: We’ve gone through the list to remove any dead blogs; shockingly, many on the original list are now dead or defunct. Additionally, we’re working on a new list, which will soon be published. Thanks for all the continued interest in the Top 35 Real Estate Blogs.

The Original Post

As the real estate bubble begins to fizzle, so too will most real estate bloggers. There are hundreds or even thousands of people out there blogging about real estate, and most of these blogs stink.

I’ve decided to create a list of what I believe to be the top real estate blogs. These blogs cover different areas of the real estate world, but they do have a few things in common.

  • I read the blog regularly (when possible)
  • They are updated regularly (at least weekly)
  • I generally respect the blogger/bloggers
  • Their content is unique, timely, and relevant

While I’m sure there are plenty of other quality real estate blogs out there, these all have elements that I feel are important for the rest of the real estate world. Topics include: real estate news, real estate technology (web 2.0), real estate marketing, mortgage information, real estate investing, rehabbing, landlording, and so on.

So, in no particular order other then alphabetical, I present the Top 35 Real Estate Blogs:

360 Digest – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Altos Research Real Estate Insights – Removed May 2012
Blog Arizona – Dead as of August 2008
The BiggerPockets Blog (That’s us, of course!)
Bloodhound Blog
Bubble Meter – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Building an Empire – Dead as of March 2008
Counter Intelligence: The Real Estate Cafe Weblog – Dead as of Jan 08 – Now Called: Real Estate Cafe – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Creative Real Estate Investing – No longer meets initial criteria for inclusion
Curbed NY
Fliperati – Dead as of March 2007
HousingBubbleCasualty – Rarely updated – Removed May 2009
Landlord Schmandlord – Dead as of November 2006
Mike’s Corner – Rarely updated (also, content not what once was) – Removed May 2009
Mortgage Fraud Blog
My Real Estate Investing Venture – Rarely updated – removed
Property Grunt – Content Quality Decline – Removed June 2010
Real Estate Blog Pro – Dead as of May 2008
Real Estate Marketing Blog – Rarely updated – removed May 2009
Real Estate Tomato – Rarely Updated & Mostly Promotional – Removed June 2010
Realty Thoughts – Rarely updated – removed
REI Blog – Dead as of June 2010
Seattle’s Rain City Real Estate Guide
Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures
Tales of a Seattle Real Estate Investor – No longer exists
The Foreclosure Report – Dead as of June 2007
The Future of Real Estate Marketing – No longer exists
The Housing Bubble Blog
The Landlord Blog – Dead as of June 2007
The Real Estate Bloggers – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Triple Mint – Rarely updated – removed
Urban Trekker Blog – Rarely updated – Removed May 2012
Zillow Blog

If there are any other great real estate blogs that I missed, please let me know so we can update the list.

Please also be sure to check out:

Honorable Mention: SellsiusBlog – forgot to put them in the original list b/c the site was down at the time.

About Author

Joshua Dorkin

Joshua Dorkin is a serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, publisher, educator, and co-author of How to Invest in Real Estate. He started BiggerPockets to help democratize the real estate investing landscape for himself and others, aiming to make it accessible for everyone, regardless of income or education. Today, BiggerPockets is the premier real estate investing website online with over one million members and reaching over 70 million people with the message of financial freedom through real estate investing. Joshua, along with his wife and three daughters, make their home in Denver, Colorado, and spend any time they can traveling, exploring, and adventuring. Read more about Joshua’s story in 5280 and


  1. JF – I wanted to add the Sellsius blog to the list, but I have had a difficult time viewing the blog lately. It wasn’t available at all while I was working on the list. Maybe you should look into it. Sorry you couldn’t make the original list. I’ll make you an honorable mention. . .

    Thanks for the mentions everyone!

  2. rudolph d. bachraty III on


    that’s unusual. we haven’t had any issues viewing the blog ourselves and nobody else mentioned any blog downage. if you are referring to the zillow poll, then i understand because blogflux polls – which is hosting the poll – has been down intermittently. argghh!

    what browser and operating system are you using? did you receive an error message?


  3. Hi,

    I just started my real estate blog a couple of weeks ago, but perhaps you can consider mine for your next Top 35 list? I’ve got some really fun article coming up 🙂


    Steve Hurley

  4. Good to see that you’re liking the Pro. Lemme know if there’s anything at all i can do to help. Great blog you have here!

  5. RE Blog Pro and Joel – Thanks to you guys for the great work!
    Jim & Steve – you shills you! lol.
    Rudolph – no error messages – just no loading or SUPER slow to load and nothing appearing. Seems to be working fine now, though. I did give you the honable mention I talked about . . .

  6. rudolph d. bachraty III on

    joshua – glad it’s working fine for you now and thanks for the honorable mention 🙂

    blog on!


  7. Trying again… for some reason yesterday’s comments didn’t stick.
    Thanks so much for recognizing the Tomato.
    I think you left one out… #36

  8. Nice list but you missed some good blogs for exmaple – they may be relatively newcommers but with over 30 regular contributors from the industry including numerous authors, speakers, etc. they cover real estate on a very broad basis.


  9. Dan – Thanks, but we didn’t miss your blog. We just felt that there were others that were better suited for the list. Maybe next one. Just keep doing what you’re doing and best of luck to you. Regards.

  10. Thanks!

    But to make sure the record is set straight, the Northern New Jersey Real Estate Bubble blog is the domain of James Bednar aka Grim.

    Some great stuff over there, and HERE!

  11. Todd, I agree with your nationwide scope that there is a simmering.

    Came across some interesting data today from a report we keep up to date on builders in the industry “john burns real estate consulting”.

    We respect John and his teams insights into real estate market trends, as well as the current real-time info they provide on the home building industry whom they consult to and are focussed on as their primary client-base.

    Mainly we respect their analytics because his economists and researchers base their findings on facts, as opposed to hype (God knows if I see one more reporter talk about a bubble on CNBC I’m going to wring someone’s neck!).

    Which, by the way, as an aside, doesn’t that media giant have a majority stake in several financial institutions? Don’t you find it funny (in a sick sort of way) that they’ll then run ads at commercial break promoting their long-term insurances and investment products? hmmm…
    But I digress…

    I’m not getting paid for this plug, but John’s company publishes their findings and the actual formularies they’ve utilized to arrive at those figures (very sensible, I might add) which puts them pretty much on the money. Valuable insight into the movers and shakers of the homebuilding industry, and regional market overviews. His info is at where people can signup for a free newsletter.

    Hope that helps…yours for massive profits & a rewarding life!
    Cheers, BW

  12. With over 40 regular contributors covering a very broad base of real estate topics and over 60 posts a month, I think we qualify as one of the good guys too – visit us at RealBlogging

  13. Though I’m confident I’ll be included in future ‘best of’ lists, I’ve only been serious about my blog for several weeks. I expect when I am listed it will be for its merit.

    Good job guys.

  14. This is honestly one of the best real estate blogs i’ve seen. Hopefully mine will someday compare. Good luck this year. If New Jersey Real Estate interests anyone, I would love for you to drop by……

  15. I a little late to the party, but wanted to throw out my relatively new blog which covers flipping, development and brokerage issues in the San Francisco Bay Area. My focus is somewhat more analytical than some other blogs (trying to get something for my enormous amount of school debt to Stanford Business School…). I’m afraid I’m not yet worthy of the fine list of blogs in the top 35, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the future. Great blog, Joshua, I really enjoy it!

  16. scott montgomery on

    maybe my site/blogs could make the next list ha;>…..Great blog Joshua- really appreciate the information!

  17. Hi Todd,

    Awesome list, great work!!! As everyone is likely sending you their blog for inclusion, maybe you can expand to Top 50 RE Blogs and update it quarterly or so.

    Anyways, thanks for this info, and if you or any of your readers is looking for an instant site that will also automatically market your listings for you, just give me a ring or register for a free trial through our site.


    Joe Trainor
    1.866.857.1657 x 113

  18. Joshua,
    Thanks for the list. I wil add these to my Goolge Reader – that one is getting big! Any special suggestions for an investment blog? I’m dutifully working to up my traffic.
    Thanks for any advice.
    – Mario

    BTW – Will you be at Inman?

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  20. Those lists of top blogs is indeed great. I will surely try to visit all of them everyday to check what’s know because real estate is indeed a learning process as well. In blogging you can see different approach and techniques which could help our craft.

  21. Philipp from Hamburg on

    thank you for your list. Here in Germany there are just a few real estate blogs. So I took the list as a good inspiration for a few posts!

  22. Interestingly enough the economy still has ways for the savvy real estate investor to make money.

    check out this site: and see what new things are in the market to be apart of.

  23. How can we make sure to get on your radar and get on your next list!? We’re getting a ton of traffic and more and more each day. We must be doing something right.


    p.s. Shout out to Altos Research. Love and use their stuff daily.

  24. The real estate boom-and-bust cycle is still on the way down but it is not yet the time to buy (at least not in Seattle). The time to buy will be when the rent you can get, every month, for a property is 1% of the price you pay for the property. For instance, if you buy a condo for $250,000 you must get a rent of $2,500. If you stick as closely as possible to this “golden rule” greed will not suck you into dangerous speculation that has caused many people to lose their shirts recently. For more details on how to run the numbers see my book “How to Invest in Condominiums

  25. Yes, the real estate market is very difficult for real estate developers and sellers and in all likelihood will become progressively worse throughout this new year. In our case, we started to develop a multi unit property, when the market was still sizzling hot. Unfortunately, as the building neared completion, the bottom fell out. In our case, we hired an outside real estate consulting group which provided us with a very interesting perspective and ideas which greatly helped us sell the units. For example, our showroom had been in a temporary structure and while it was well built and representative of the apartments, the location and the temporary nature of the structure was akin to a trailer home. What they suggested may seem obvious now, but it was not when they presented it to us. We were told to rent a temporary showroom in the best area, hire well dressed, and more importantly, professional sales people and then provide limousine service from the show room to our yet unfinished building. Further, the limousine was only to come to the building at certain times, when the lighting was just right, when traffic was minimal and by a particularly scenic route, all the while having the sale person explain all of the interesting things in the area. This worked well and we were able to quickly sell almost all of the remaining units. Their website is, though there is not much information on it. My advise to other developers is to rethink and regroup your marketing strategies.

  26. Although our site isn’t a blog per se, we feel like we’ve put together a comprehensive site with a ton of useful information for investors. Please take a look our site when you have a chance – hopefully we can get added to your list as a potential resource. Thanks.

  27. Great list Josh. Is there a more updated list though as other blogs have no doubt taken stronger command of things over the last year and a half.



  28. Looks like the next list has to be The Top 100 Real Estate blogs! 35 just ain’t enough!

  29. Hey Josh! Thanks for the list. I’ve glanced at a few of these sites already and found them very informative. I appreciate your generosity by sharing these with us.

  30. Glad someone finally put a list like this together. As always, more great information from Bigger Pockets. How you guys find the time to do this is beyond me.

  31. Patrick Riddle on

    The list is great. How about Focuses on our daily experience in the field as a creative real estate investor. We cover negotiating, marketing, lease options, short sales, recruiting private money, asset protection, etc.

  32. Nicholas Marr on

    In these days of the credit crunch it serves to widen your net when it comes to marketing your property. I run a UK based International real estate web site and blog. We have noticed a huge increase in US realtors contacting us about how to sell to international audience. It would be great to have our blog included in your list

    Kind regards

  33. Steve Simon on

    Great List. I liked quite a few. The Tomato was on top for me.
    I am the chief admin. of a Florida Real Estate School, and a Florida Licensed Real estate Instructor for over 20 years I think info. such as this is the difference between the “Glamour Shot” real estate agent, and the agent of substance! My website, the online school would allow any investor the ability to learn a broad foundation of the basics of real estate and some pretty advanced tidbits. After spending some time aquiring the knowhow these educated consumers cannot be serviced by low skill agents. I believe that stats, and info. are the best line of defense in a tough market…

  34. Great List! I definitely agree with you in regards to the content that is included in all of these blogs.

    Happy Investing!

  35. Very nice. I was looking for a good list of real estate blogs, and it’s difficult to find quality blogs in the search engines without spending hours doing it. You have made my life easier today, and for that I commend you.

  36. Real Estate Raj on

    As someone who can’t get enough real estate news, I really appreciate the list you put together. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  37. Awesome list, abundant work!!! As anybody is acceptable sending you their blog for inclusion, maybe you can aggrandize to Top 50 RE Blogs and amend it annual or so.

    Anyways, acknowledgment for this info, and if you or any of your readers is attractive for an burning armpit that will additionally automatically bazaar your listings for you, aloof accord me a arena or annals for a chargeless balloon through our site.

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  39. Nice comprehensive list…had to bookmark to come back to when I have some time
    Got to run… write some more blog posts and work my way up the ladder!
    Always enjoy your blog and I would have put you on the list.

  40. Awesome!

    I have been looking for a comprehensive list for a while It is nice to go to relevant real estate blogs and see what other professionals are talking about, especially the property prices and other market conditions. This list is fantastic.

    Thanks again.

    – Peter

  41. Yes, two years old and definitely relevant. I wonder how it would shake out if we redid it now…if some would drop and others be added, etc. Maybe we’d just have a much bigger list like someone commented earlier.

  42. You have done a fantastic job. It is really helpful for those who are interested in real estate world. 🙂

  43. I love your blog, great insight and info. I like how it’s no holds bar.

    J.T. Foxx
    Active Real Estate Investor &
    National Weekend Syndicated Radio Personality

  44. Love the list but it is 2 years old. There has been a lot of change in the Real Estate Blog world since then. Any chance you are going to update the list soon? I work on a niche blog for the east side of Cleveland and would love to see what other niche bloggers do in their markets.


  45. Wow! Congratulations on this huge response and thank you for the list. I just topped off my feed reader.

    I know that this is primarily a real estate related blog list, but what about, or did I miss something?

    Also, if you are considering any other mortgage marketing related blogs – A couple of my friends launched that blog a few months ago and they are seriously committed to providing their viewers with good stuff.


  46. Mark – Thanks for the suggestions . . . Lenderama would definitely make the cut if this list were up to date. We’re going to hopefully come out with a new one some time soon!

  47. Joshua, not all of these are even still active blogs. I went through each one (most are great reads) and found the following:

    Blog Arizona (last post August 2008)

    Building an Empire (last post March 2008)

    Fliperati (last post March 2007)

    HousingBubbleCasualty (page failed to load)

    Landlord Schmandlord (the address you list was last updated in 2006)

    My Real Estate Investing Venture (last post June 2008)

    Real Estate Blog Pro (last post May 2008)

    Tales of a Seattle Real Estate Investor (link doesn’t seem right)

    The Foreclosure Report (last post July 2007)

    The Landlord Blog (last post June 2007)

    I hope this isn’t to picky, I was just looking for some great real estate blogs (and still found many here, thanks).

  48. I have read through some of the blogs here and I just wish that I spent more time on mine. I appreciate all the useful information and tips that I have picked up. I am going to try and work on mine daily so I can hit your top 35.
    Larry Lang

  49. This is a great list, but it seems very limited in some ways.

    There are so many regional blogs and blogs for specific areas in the U.S. that are great. Most people searching for real estate would love to find a blog that is doing a great job about the specific area they are interested in.

    This list simply seems to be mainly about blogs that cover real estate in general and people that like to talk about real estate. It does not seem to be a list about bloggin realtors that are blogging about specific areas and doing a great job. Maybe that has to do with the fact that less than 4% of Realtors blog…and who knows what percentage of these do a good job.

    • I’m not sure who I’m talking to, as you didn’t mention your name in the place where names go, and you never signed your post.

      That said, you are correct that there are tons of real estate blogs of various types out there. When the list was created twi years ago, things were much different. Not many people in real estate knew how to blog . . . we were all figuring it out. While things have progressed, they have yet to mature.

      We’ll come out with a new list soon. . . additionally, we’re going to come out with a post that explains why bloggers need to comment with their real names and not with a link intended to build PR. (See the Note RIGHT ABOVE the ADD COMMENT button)

  50. Thanks for updating the list! I was searching for updated blogs and you made it easy for me.


  51. Take your real estate classes but also take a basic accounting course, real estate law, any finance course and a course in public speaking. Don’t laugh, you will use all those courses through your career. Also start talking to various brokers and let them know you are taking classes. Whether taking college courses along with taking real estate classes from various real estate companies or independent real estate schools be aware of the market you are in. Also talk to lenders so you know some of what is needed for your buyers. Please learn about Title & Escrow as well. Once you hang your license make sure you become a Buyers agent first not a Sellers agent. When you start with buyers you will be learning along with your buyers some of the issues that can come up in a transaction. If you start on the Sellers side you will be on the losing end of every transaction as most seasoned agents know who is new, knows the contingencies that will let them get out of the contract and you will be left standing holding the bag.

  52. Josh,

    This is a great list. Real estate is certainly a competitive place for bloggers, which is fueled by people’s natural obsession towards real estate. Here are a few others that deserve mentioning:

    Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Blog –

    Thanks for continually providing quality content

    Joe Stampone’s last blog post: Johns Hopkins – Edward St. John Department of Real Estate Program Review #2

  53. Hey, like everyone said, this is quite comprehensive. It’s interesting to see what others are doing, but I do wonder what difference it makes to all of us as independent Realtors and Agents? Like, how can we use all this information for good?

    Twitter is another interesting tool that can now be searched locally for agents and such in various geographical locations – and this makes it possible:

    It’s being called the “Twitter Yellow Pages”

    Hope this helps!


    MN MLS’s last blog post: Search for Homes $500k-up

  54. Dear Josh,

    Good stuff to see the progress over the past 3 years. What did you use as your criteria to determine the top blogs for real estate? If you need our help to develop a methodology for evaluating blogs, maybe even with a survey among real estate professionals we would be happy to provide you with help.

    Marilyn Wilson
    WAV Group

    Marilyn Wilson’s last blog post: Real Estate Listing Syndicators Collaborate on report

  55. Kurt Op de Beeck on

    Do you also plan to included som overseas blogs for people with interest in Europe for example?
    FIABCI member since 1994

  56. That is a great list, I have been searching for some blogs to read online! This list helps to find the good ones! It is amazing how many of the Real Estate blogs are being left with out updates (Could it be the market ?)

  57. Wow. Kudos on this great list. It’s informative and a total time saver. Nice one!

  58. Great work! It’s nice to find a blog that is relevant to investor, professional, AND consumer. Keep up the good work!

  59. It would be helpful if this list was broken down by national blogs and regionally specific blogs. Can you recommend good Florida real estate blogs?

  60. Thanks for not only having this list, but, also maintaining the list by noting the removed links. It is always frustrating to look at a list and find a list like this that is not maintained, sending me to dead links. This list is very helpful.

  61. Thanks a lot for this list as I really want learn more from other real estate blogs to help improve my own blog, I hope to be of help as well. By the way, would you consider a real estate blog from the Philippines on this list? I blog about real estate foreclosure investing where I share tips to fellow real estate investors and I also post free foreclosed property listings plus auction schedules. Here’s is my blog:
    .-= Jay Castillo´s last blog ..Secrets Revealed: Investing in Foreclosures =-.

  62. Would love to make the grade. Im a RE Tomato grad so check me in Darien,CT. Been blogging about 9 months and would love to think Im gettin the hang of it. I actually love it a little TOO much. will sign up for your feed. All the best. K.Brewer

  63. Have been blogging every day for almost 2 years and have also started a second blog – a photo blog. ALL ABOUT…Portland.Oregon.Real Estate & Lake Oswego Living.A Photo Blog.

    Hope I get on your “list”. Thanks.

  64. Charlotte Limo on

    Really fantastic and informative list, as it will took a lot of time to search such list.
    Thanks for sharing…

  65. Happy new year to everyone.

    I like to know how to have crosslink to other realestate webpages?, thanks so much


  66. As someone who does real estate for a living I am becoming seriously scared at the realization that if you are not on or about the first page of Google your children will go hungry.
    Sure there are a few REO brokers making a killing in this apocalypse we are plodding through but when we get out of this it will be the agents with the web presence who prosper.

    Your list is great in that it shows up what competition we are up against.



  67. I’m not surprised that the list keeps dwindling. I started blogging in Nov 2007, and I definitely don’t post as much as I used to. Now I tend to go in spurts. It still averages 5-10 posts per month and since I’m targeting the long tail for consumers, I think it’s ok. I’m also on my 2nd domain name and 3rd design. And plenty of other changes have happened along the way. A big one was eliminating regular features. I’ve moved to more automated approaches now.

    When I first started blogging, I read a lot of the blogs on your list. I completely relied on RE Tomato to get my education started. Now I mostly read non-RE blogs. One exception is Tech Savvy Agent. They have the enthusiasm of a newer blog and I love how they educate me on technology and how I can use it in my real estate business.

  68. Great list of RE Blogs and I look forward to your new list. I plan on taking a look at the rest of you blog lists as well.

    Also, This may have already been addressed or it could just be that the site is under maintenance, but your link seems to be dead as well.

  69. Thank you for updating the list. You have some great sites here and, while it saddens me to see the ones removed, but really glad you are keeping the list up to date!

  70. Thanks for the update, Bubble Meter is one of the best real estate blogs I think.
    Bloodhound Blog is also good for

    • Anita –
      ActiveRain is not a blog, but a blog provider in the same light as, except focused on real estate blogs. At the time the list was created, there were no individual blogs located on the network that stood out to us. Remember that this list was compiled back in August 2006.

  71. Thanks for continuing to update this list of blogs. Looks like the list mirrors what has happened with the market over the past four years: At first, everyone was in and it was good. Now, only the very strong (and stubbornly determined) will prosper. Shift with the times and the trends or you will be left in the tar pit with the rest of the dinosaurs.

  72. Nice list of blogs; like how you take the time to revisit and update. I like reading about what’s going on in real estate and getting a peek into the daily ongoings of others. Always reminds me that my life isn’t as stressful as I think it is. In suggesting blogs as you requested, I also read the blog, Flipper. Another one I stumbled across was – pretty informative and funny stuff on these two blogs. Thanks and keep up the great work…love the site!

  73. I began haltingly blogging in 2008 on ActiveRain. It was not consistent even though the suggestions were to post at least 3-4 times per week on a consistent basis and build a following. I can understand why lots of bloggers have quit. It takes time to develop relevant content, and keep your practice going too.

    This year maybe the year where I strike the effective balance of blogging and generating enough revenue to be profitable. I like your list. It gives me another group of successful people to read about. Thanks for the summary.

  74. Thanks for all the comments, Folks. Unfortunately, this post is attracting a huge amount of spam (anyone wonder why?) and we’ve decided to close comments going forward.

  75. With the re-release of this post, we’ve decided to reopen comments. If the spam gets crazy again, we’ll just shut them down. Please be considerate and thoughtful with your comments instead of just sharing your website or we’ll simply delete your suggestions. Thank you!

    • Both are great blogs, Brandon, but they just miss the cut — for now. That said, check your email . . . I just added yours to our list. Congrats!

  76. It is amazing how many sites came and went since 2006. Guess they didn’t find the long term strategy of blogging a successful venture. It surprises me that once successful blogs have gone to the wayside.

    • It doesn’t surprise me, Toby. If that component of your business isn’t prioritized, then it won’t be maintained. I believe that far too many bloggers don’t have their goals for their blog established, which makes it easy to let things slide. Thanks for joining the conversation!

        • Toby – That article is 100% in favor of blogging, and encourages people to blog; it isn’t about actually quitting but lists negative reasons to stop (i.e. why you shouldn’t stop). That said, it does talk about people quitting because social media is simply much easier, but is an advocacy piece for blogging. Social media is a great way to drive people to your blog (your home presence), but shouldn’t replace it, IMO.

  77. I got that from the article yet was making a point as maybe a reason why some have left. I wasn’t advocating the stoppage of blogging. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough … oops.

  78. I can tell you that I have found some of the best information concerning real estate (Industry) available on the internet through your list and I have also made some wonderful friends. I wish some of those who were once listed here as one of the “Top 35 Real Estate Blogs” that have since deleted their blog (You have a single line through them) would comment and let those of us that read blogs daily know why they stopped blogging, why they deleted such a popular real estate blog & if they have a new blog and if so where?

    • William – If they moved their blogs, we’d update the list. Blogs were only removed if the content is removed (the blog is closed), if the content quality declines, or if the regularity with which they post declines. The list was designed to be the best of the best, and we try to make sure that all sites listed live up to that standard.

      I’m glad you’ve found value in the list, and hope you’ve found some great new blogs on the updated list at the top of the post.

  79. Hi Joshua,
    Great post.
    Thought I would just shoot you my real estate blog, it’s one of the leading ones in Australia for both home owners and agents.
    It’s a little different than most other Real Estate blogs, check out.

    It’s updated every day.
    Hope I make it one your list one day 🙂
    Look forward to connecting soon.

  80. By total coincidence I Googled the term “real estate blogs” while eating dinnertonight, and almost dismissed this post since it showed “Aug 25, 2006” and thought to myself… “typical old stuff”.

    So was I really that you recently updated this post. Cool!

    I feel there has been change in the culture around real estate blogging, and I like to go back to some of the blogs on your list from time to time to get back to reading (rather than see a highly SEO optimized post about ABC neighborhood). Now that we are all using iPads, social media, and Smartphones, the new breed of blogger understands the need for visual blogging. Sorry to say but, most people don’t read like they did 6 years ago!

    • The culture was definitely different back in the day, Doug. That said, so was the enthusiasm. Most people are moving their online communication to social networks because it is just easier than blogging. We’ll see what the future holds, but hopefully we can capture the pulse of the real estate blogging space by keeping this post alive and kicking (and up to date).

      • I actually think that this shift creates an opportunity for a good blogger to stand out from those who have shifted to today’s strategy of FB Target Marketing (can I coin that term?). Most real estate agents aren’t good writers, don’t have the time to do it, and their posts often cram keywords so anyone reading their gets the gist that it was written only for a robot to index!

        Consumers are looking for good content to read on the subway or airport and still use Google for research all day long. A well written blog with plenty of unique, original content is going to attract consumers… I know because it works for me.

        • I agree that it creates opportunity for good bloggers to stand out. As you said, much of the content being created today is designed for search engines, not for people, making the good content really shine.

          I know because it also works for us.

          Thanks for the feedback, Doug! I look forward to seeing more of you around the site.

  81. I know a great DC blogger. He’s not an agent or broker or anything, just someone who has bought quite a few investment properties and has a lot of passion for real estate. It’s been around about a year and it’s called

  82. Anthony Larson on

    I’d like to see why you or others on here think why one is better than others.
    My reasoning, ill be working on getting my license when im done with school in a few months and off course thing blogging is very important part of reality marketting inow adays

    • Mary –
      Did you look at the article? Only a month ago, we did a huge update to the article and added a brand new list with all active sites. Perhaps you scrolled past it and went directly to the old list instead? If you read through, you’ll see what you’re looking for.

  83. Thanks for posting! I think its interesting how many of the blogs that were popular since 2006 have fallen away, but I appreciate you updating the list so we can know which are still good and active.

  84. The real estate blog space has become so saturated with people trying to get SEO rankings that the content has suffered. The people that actually have important opinions or have factual knowledge to share are overshadowed by buffoons (that is a technical term) just spewing non-sense.


  85. Hi Josh,

    Thanks very much for including us on your (updated?) list. Burbed has been published daily since February 2006. Our readership and commenting have fallen off since the market started crashing in late 2008, but we’re still there. We cover the SF Bay Area, in particular Silicon Valley, by calling attention to the excesses and oddities of our very overpriced market where seriously poor housing stock still sells, routinely, for over a million dollar. The site is a mix of snark, shock, and we-swear-we’re-not-making-this-up fact. In premium areas, the bubbly is back in the Bay Area.

    Since you are interested in how much real estate blogging has fallen off, I thought you’d be interested in a piece I wrote almost 2 years ago called , The Decline and Fall of the Real Estate Bubble Site, where I noted a large number of sites (and named names) had gone inactive, disappeared, or were updated too infrequently to consider useful anymore. I took a very similar approach to yours except I wasn’t the one who made the original list. Instead I started with another site’s fairly comprehensive list of real estate blogging sites, noted how many were no longer active, and of course that site itself is now dormant too.

    Maybe you’d find it useful in updating your list here. Thanks very much for compiling it, I’ll check out some of the sites I haven’t heard of and see about adding some to our blogroll.

  86. Wow, I would have never guessed such a high dropout rate. I spend more time here at Bigger Pockets so I hadn’t noticed 🙂

    It makes me feel better about my blog, I’ve outlasted lots of those guys.

  87. If you have had over 100k visitors since writing this, wouldn’t that have produced a lot of visitors to the other blogs? Guess I am confused to why the bloggers would just stop blogging if they had such a popular and thriving fan base.

  88. Hey Josh,

    This is the best list of real estate blog that I have found, and UPDATED! Thank you for making this list and for keeping it updated! You rock 🙂


    • Lisha – No problem…. so many years later it is still relevant. Thanks for the comment and please do come back and engage with us when you can.

  89. Josh, I appreciate the list of active top blogs. I have to say that as a full time Realtor, I have been blogging since 2005-2006 ( and continued with several other blogs related to local real estate. I can say that longevity of blogging is not tied to getting paid for the act of blogging, but rather as an adjunct to my real estate activities. Thanks.

  90. I’m surprised that the Real Estate Blogging scene isn’t more competitive now than it was back in 2006. I think it’s more important than ever to have a blog and the discussion that comes with it. Since we’ve started blogging, (which wasn’t so long ago) we’ve gotten more traffic to our website and we really like keeping those who visit informed on what’s happening in the local and national real estate market. Plus, it adds to the personal aspect and gives us a voice to really communicate with people.

  91. Thanks for taking the time to keep the blog list updated. I’ve spent hours searching for decent online discussions of real estate investing. Too many scammers and amateurs crowd out serious people who manage income-producing property. I’d be every interested in blogs and sites that cover real estate subjects that are off the beaten path.

    I’d like to find blogs about these ideas:
    Rights of way
    Unbuildable land
    Land trusts

    I could go on and on, but there’s more to real estate than tenant-landlord disputes and flipping. Feel free to shoot me an email with suggestions.

  92. Excellent list, thank you for taking the time out to share “good sources” of information vs useless blogs.


  93. I love this list and have been using it for some time know finding real estate sources and blogs to read and discuss topics. By the way, it currently holds the top spot on the Google search for “Real Estate Blogs” – Nice!

  94. I am really searching for a real estate blog list for my own purpose.thanks for sharing the amazing list with us.please keep sharing helping tips and topics like this.

  95. If there was an easier, faster way for folks to regularly add content including videos, to a blogging platform that was mobile, and ranked high on the search engines…. do you think it would make a difference for those in real estate to gain traction using a blog regularly?

    I am asking as a former Agent, who now specializes in Internet Marketing.

    I am curious, What would boost RE blogging activity?
    And what is the Real Estate Broker/Agent/Investor’s biggest need to assist them in utilizing technology for greater success?

    Thanks for your feedback.

    -Rachel Fielding

  96. I just happened upon this post, looking for some really good real estate blogs. What a list! I know it was pulled together several years ago, but I am hoping to find a few off this list that are still currently adding content! Thanks for your help!

  97. This is a great list… One of my favorites has to be the Real Geeks blog. If you’re into internat marketing and technology for your real estate webstite, you can pick up some great tips here.