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Results for Realtors posted yesterday about a new Free site that helps you to post your classified listings to multiple sites, called Postlets. This site lets you post your property for sale or for rent at backpage, craigslist, edgeio, Google Base, HotPads, LiveDeal, Oodle, Propsmart, and Vast, and the best part is that you only have to build the ad once. The site will save the classified ad so you can edit or repost it again in the future.

All you need to do is fill out a form with details on the property, upload up to 12 photos to place within the ad, and the site will automatically post the ad. In addition, the site will “generate the HTML code that can be used to post your ad on classifieds sites such as craigslist, and LiveDeal”; these 3 sites require just an additional step. You can also use the HTML provided to post the ad anywhere — your blog, newsletters, email, etc.

I tried the service to post a few classifieds and was extremly pleased with the ease of use. It was fast and created a nice classified advertisements that stand out.

Overall, I highly recommend using Postlets if you’re a landlord, realtor, or FSBO.

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  1. Joshua, this looks like a great way to save time, and reach a lot of prospects with just one ad. What with craigslist making it difficult to use software, this could be a great boon.

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