Keeping Your Tenants Happy During the Holidays

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Looking to send your tenants a signal that you’re partially human? With the holiday season in full effect, now is a perfect time to get into your renter’s good graces.

Here are a few ideas to let your tenants know that you’re not so bad this holiday season:

  • Send out Season’s Greetings Cards
    The cost is minimal and the benefit is outstanding. A simple card can go a long way towards tenant loyalty.
  • Decorate your Property for the Holidays
    Keeping things festive always puts a smile on your tenant’s faces.
  • Throw a Holiday Party
    This works better for larger buildings (I’d guess 4+ units). Mingling with your tenants under a different set of circumstancess will help them to look at you in a different light. The holiday party is a nice perk that can go a long way towards tenant happiness.
  • Upgrade Your Apartments
    We’ve talked in the past about using incentives or gifts to attract tenants. The holiday season is the perfect time to do a few upgrades on your units. Even simple things like new hardware, doorknobs, etc. let your tenants know you care.

Remember, a happy tenant is often a long-term tenant. Find some way to thank them and show your appreciation!

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  1. Glenn Simon Inc. on

    We often give tenants gift certificates at most holidays. It keeps our equity building partners (the tenants) happy! A happy tenant means a happy landlord or property manager which means stress free investments.

  2. I like to give my tenants gifts at Christmas and also when I renew the lease with them to say “thanks for being a great tenant”. I usually give something personal like some home made turtle chocolates or some knitted dishcloths and I usually give a gift certificate as well. I think tenants appreciate this gesture and it really helps build a good relationship. It goes both ways because happy tenants also go the extra mile to pay rent on time and look after your property. Also, a nice basket filled with little goodies when they move in really sets the tone for a good relationship as well.

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