Is There Really A Down Time Of The Year for Real Estate?

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seasons.jpgI wanted to share some insight and thoughts from various investors and agents on whether or not there is a down time of the year for real estate. I think the question is an interesting one. While markets in general may rise or fall, seasoned investors can benefit in any market. Here are some great thoughts to consider: (courtesy of our real estate investing forums)

Is There a Real Estate Off-Season?

Susan Henry – By learning everything you can about Real Estate you will flourish, such as forclosures, creative financing, Tax sales, etc. There are all kinds of opportunities in real estate for you to be successful throughout the year.

Doug Pretorius – haven’t noticed any major difference between seasons and I’m in a market where weather is a factor. I think this is because motivated buyers and sellers don’t choose to become motivated, something happens that causes them to become so, and they don’t have any control over the timing of that “something”.

One difference I have noticed is that I tend to get more calls from tire-kickers in the summer and fewer in the winter. But the number of motivated leads remains pretty consistent. Besides, with sellers in particular, if you aren’t getting calls in then you can always make calls out to pick up the slack.

JustinD – In fact there is definitely a measurable slow down in home sales during the winter months. This is not a opinion but fact based on MLS data for most of the country. The fall off is not necessarily due to the climate changes. If anything, it is just the fact that people don’t like to be moving around the holidays. Additionally, most kids have just started school and it is not a ideal time to be pulling them out. That is why the housing market always picks up in the spring and peaks in the summer. That is the way it hands been and probably always will be. That doesn’t mean there are not deals to be had at all times a year

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