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Why Pets Are Better Tenants than Children

Joshua Dorkin
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Photo Titled Bad Dog by: Kairos Photo (formerly Oi Jimmy!)

This article was actually conceived because I’m amazed that people can’t get away with discriminating against children, but discriminate against people with pets many times a day!

Now, I am completely against discrimination based on race, sex, sexual preference, etc., however I have a bone to pick with society. I just read about a landlord who has to pay $14,000 in a housing discrimiation case:

According to the complaint, the landlord violated the federal and state fair housing laws when she placed an advertisement in the Montpelier Times Argus for an apartment that indicated a preference for renting to adults only. An investigation revealed that the landlord had instructed a tenant who was trying to sublet the apartment to screen out applicants with minor children.

Under the settlement, the landlord must pay the Housing Discrimination Project $14,000, and attend a three-hour fair housing training. Her rental practices also will be monitored for the next three years. The tenant has agreed to pay $500 for her role in the civil rights violation and to complete 20 hours of community service to the Vermont Fair Housing Council.

I’m not advocating discriminating against children. I just have a bone to pick with the laws in this country that allow people with pets to be discriminated against? Many people have no children, but several pets. There are no laws saying that it is illegal to discriminate against them, are there? NO!

Lets look at the hassles of pets vs. children to see if this is fair:

(Note: I will determine which is better by bolding it)

Pets make lots of noise (barking, meowing, etc.)
Children make lots of noise (screaming, crying, tantrums)

Pets pee on the grass and damage it
Children dig holes in the lawn (and sometimes pee on it) and damage it

Pets often smell bad
Children often smell very bad

Pets can damage the floors and walls with their claws and teeth
Children can damage the walls, floors, sinks, toilets, and anything else they can get their hands, feet, or bodies on

Pets don’t chew gum, and when they do, they usually swallow it
Children often chew gun and leave it inside closets, on walls, carpets, floors, etc.

Pets rarely start house fires
Children are often found to be at the cause of house fires

Pets sometime attack the neighbors, biting or clawing them

Children sometimes attack the neighbors and their pets, biting, clawing, slapping, kicking, or punching them.

Pets sometime climb all over the furniture
Children are usually found climbing on furniture, especially when no one is looking

Pets don’t grow up and become teenagers
Children do

Clearly, pets are superior to children, yet there are no laws protecting petowner discrimination.

Is it time for a change??? What do you think?

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